Made simple The building estimate

An overview of costs for everyone involved in building a house

08 May 2018

People involved in building a house in Switzerland can’t get around the “building estimate.” It is a key planning, reviewing and communication instrument that covers everything from project planning to billing. This estimate is standardized, allowing all professionals to work on it: architects, craftsmen, owners, investors and banks.

The costs of a project are all recorded in detail for everyone involved in the construction. This enables the owner to quickly spot any deviations from the norm for cost estimates or during the construction phase.

There are two variants of building estimates. The first one differentiates among business types (architect, mason, painter), the other one between building components (exterior wall, roof properties). In simple terms, both versions are a list of hundreds of potential work steps, and each is allocated a number.

The building estimate is regularly reviewed by the Swiss Research Center for Rationalization in Building and Civil Engineering (Verein Zentralstelle für Baurationalisierung (CRB)). This association is supported by the Swiss Contractors' Association, the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects and the Swiss Federation for Landscape Architects (Baumeisterverband, der Ingenieur- und Architektenverein (SIA) sowie der Bund Schweizer Architekten (BSA)).