Trade & Export Finance

Securing and financing your international transactions

Whether securing against financial loss or financing trade, whether import or export operations – we know the risks and requirements in foreign business and will support you in all aspects of your international transactions.

The right solution for your business

Documentary credit / documentary collection

Documentary credits and documentary collections will help you settle and secure your international trade transactions.

Bank guarantee

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you can systematically reduce uncertainty in your domestic and international transactions with a bank guarantee.

Export financing

Strengthen your export business and benefit from our solutions and Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV).

Manage your commercial trades digitally

On the digital platform, you can easily manage the process from capturing a commercial trade to the delivery online.

Sample texts for downloading

Download sample texts for guarantees here.

Forms for orders and inquiries

Here you’ll find documents for your requests related to documentary credits, documentary collections, bank guarantees and export financing.