Occupational pension plans

For entrepreneurs, companies and pension funds

Occupational pension plans

With our comprehensive offering, expert advice and over 150 years of experience, we meet the requirements of pension funds, companies, and entrepreneurs alike.

Pension solutions for companies

Find the pension solution that best suits your company.

UBS Optio 1e collective foundation

UBS Optio 1e for tailored supplementary pension provision.

Vested Benefits Foundation

The simple and secure way to reduce your administrative workload

Private pension solutions for entrepreneurs (pillar 3)

To make sure that as an entrepreneur you don’t miss out on a good private pension, we will give you comprehensive advice and offer a tailored private pension solution from our extensive range.

Occupational pensions (BVG) for companies

As an independent partner, we help you find the perfect pension fund solution for your company:

  • We help you identify which solution best suits your needs.   
  • We regularly check the market to find the best providers.
  • We support you every step of the way, right up to your final decision.

Further pension solutions

To ensure that business owners get the best deal for their individual pension plan, we provide comprehensive advice and put together a solution tailored to you from our wide range of offers.