Public corporations

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We offer a broad variety of products that enable municipalities, cantons, associations, and other public-sector entities to process their payment transactions efficiently, make investments and bridge liquidity bottlenecks.

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Financing and pension solutions

Financing for businesses

A business loan secures your liquidity during the value creation phase between purchase and sale. You can also pre-finance goods and offset seasonal fluctuations.

Capital goods leasing

With a capital goods lease, you finance your investments without tying up your capital. Quick and unbureaucratic: purchase what you need when it makes the most sense to you financially.

Occupational pension solutions (BVG)

Different pension solutions are available depending on the size and structure of the company: an autonomous company pension fund, a semi-autonomous solution affiliated with a collective or cooperative foundation, or full benefit coverage.

Payment solutions


Multibanking gives you full transparency over all your accounts at UBS and third-party banks and lets you make payments via a single platform – either in E-Banking or through a direct connection to your ERP system.


KeyPort lets you manage your accounts at multiple banks electronically. It is suitable for medium-sized and large companies wanting to connect their internal software systems directly to UBS and other banks.

Corporate credit card

A corporate credit card means no more cash payments or expense advances. It reduces your administrative burden and gives you more time for business.

The banking package with a lot of benefits

  • Make payments and access your accounts anytime
  • Accept card payments online and in store at the register
  • Plan and keep an eye on liquidity