A well-maintained property increases returns over the long term

Not all renovations are the same. Benefit from our expertise to find the renovation strategy that fits your property, and make every investment increase the value of your real estate over the long term.

Different renovation types

Value-enhancing renovations

Raise your property's market value and increase its attractiveness for potential buyers or tenants

  • Upgrading interior design
  • Annexes and other extensions
  • Increase usable space

Value-preserving renovations

Maintain the value of your property long-term and benefit from tax deductions

  • Building repairs
  • Restoration
  • Safety upgrades for tenants

Energetic renovations

Renovate your property sustainably. Energetic renovations are usually supported through subsidies and tax advantages.

  • Improve insulation, for example through energy-efficient windows
  • Renovation of heating or electricity production
  • Installation of solar panels

UBS Renovation Service

Let's find the best approach for getting the most out of your property

  • Analysis of your entire property portfolio
  • Assessment of the profitability of your tailored measures
  • Optionally: Long-term assistance – from planning to monitoring of renovation measures

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