We help our clients gain access to the people and perspectives that can help unearth investment opportunities.

Through our extended network we help bring together companies and investors. Our conferences and industry-specific events offer our clients market perspectives that can help shape ideas on particular sectors or topics of interest.

We organize field trips and bespoke roadshows to help clients make the right connections with experts, policy makers and companies on the ground.

Investor conference calendar

Advisory / M&A

An M&A transaction can be a defining moment in any corporate’s life. It's a time when the right advice and support can be invaluable.

On sales, acquisitions, and mergers of public and private companies, we can call on one of the deepest and broadest M&A businesses in the industry.

We don’t shy away from complexity. Whether it's for global joint ventures, inbound public takeovers, or cross-border deals, we embrace the challenges that these types of transactions bring. And, the long-term relationships with the private equity and financial sponsor communities that we build and grow, continue to benefit our clients.

Bespoke financing

Long term or short, straightforward or complex, we have the understanding and ability to shape the right financing solution for our clients.

Combining our clients' insight with our transactional expertise, we work alongside our clients on specialized, structured, and leveraged finance projects.

We call upon our breadth and depth of expertise to provide innovative ideas that are tailor-made. Behind the scenes, we continue to refine our service offerings by learning from each and every client situation.

Debt and equity capital markets

Not only do we help our clients to spot market trends, we also help our clients to act on them.

We guide our clients through the intricacies of equity and debt capital markets, tapping into our best minds and deep experience, and providing access to capital in multiple products and currencies.

Whether for stake-building, hedging, yield enhancement, or disposal, we help our clients to manage their equity stakes worldwide.

ESG and Sustainability

We support companies on their sustainability journey in the transition to a low-carbon economy, both in advisory and through raising financing.

And to meet institutional clients’ specific ESG objectives, we offer products and solutions such as carbon emission futures, thematic portfolio and sustainable investment solutions.

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Global financing services

When asset management firms need front-to-back prime brokerage and financing services, they can turn to us.

Our connected global network means that we can provide core services – such as clearing and settlement capabilities – alongside a range of complementary services, including capital introduction and business consulting.

In addition to offering a bespoke approach to accessing the investor community, we provide our clients with consultancy services over the life-cycle of a business enabling clients to navigate the ever changing landscape within which they operate.

ETD Client Consulting

Hedge Funds

We strive to help our hedge fund clients achieve their financial targets and minimize risk through the strength of our global franchise.

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Investment research

Starting with the pivotal questions that matter to our clients’ decisions, we apply the right research instruments for new evidence to deliver clear insights.

Our team of economists, strategists and analysts provide the breadth, depth and originality of investment thinking.

To support clients in their investment decision-making, our ESG Research team works in conjunction with 250 macro, sector and company analysts to provide coverage focused on listed entities and thematic research.

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Private Financing Markets

UBS Private Financing Markets is fully dedicated to private markets with a global presence across Americas, EMEA and APAC. Our team is specialized to act as a seamless point of connectivity cross-sector, cross-markets and cross-regions. We partner with bankers, product experts and partners in the origination, execution and distribution of private capital transactions.

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Retail investment products

A global derivatives platform delivered locally. To suit individual investment objectives and risk appetite, we offer a wide range of products and solutions to retail investors.

We provide access and entry to different markets and strategies, so that clients can diversify their portfolios based on sector, asset class and market volatility. That way, our clients can manage their investments in a way that helps to get the most out of them.

UBS Market Pioneers Index

UBS KeyInvest


UBS Warrants and CBBCs

Sales & trading

We don’t just offer our clients a wide range of sales, trading, execution and clearing services; we try to make such services simple, intuitive and flexible for our clients to use.

Whatever our clients' investment and trading strategies, we help them to engage effectively with the markets that matter most to them.

From cash equities to credit, derivatives to emerging markets, we give our clients access to the products and liquidity they need.

Our technology and award-winning platforms take this access to the next level.

Among these platforms is UBS Neo, our highly innovative cross-asset investment banking platform that enables our clients to collaborate, analyze, trade, and manage – all in one place.


UBS Electronic Trading

UBS Data Solutions

UBS Data Solutions was designed to surface and commercialize UBS data in a sustainable, centralized and controlled way. Our robust, secure, and scalable platform is built on a cloud-based architecture using Application Programming Interface (API) delivery that allows clients easy, programmatic access to our data. We source our proprietary data from multiple internal systems across many asset classes.

Our goal is to provide our institutional clients with unique data to help them optimize their business objectives from model input and alpha generation to risk management and operational support. Our dedicated global Data Solutions team is designed to ensure our clients are given the right tools and knowledge to build and maintain their data business in the most efficient manner possible.

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UBS Evidence Lab

UBS Evidence Lab is a sell-side team of experts that work across more than 55 specialized areas creating insight-ready datasets. The experts turn data into evidence by applying a combination of tools and techniques to harvest, cleanse, and connect billions of data items each month. The library of assets, covering more than 5,000 companies, across all sectors and regions, is designed to help answer the questions that matter to investment decisions.

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UBS Quant Solutions

UBS Quant Solutions provides a wide range of services designed for clients employing quantitative investment strategies.

These include execution technology, global connectivity, access to liquidity, low execution costs, post-trade, and prime brokerage services.

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