Currency hedging

Hedge your earnings against foreign exchange losses

As soon as your company starts doing business abroad, you shouldn’t ignore currency fluctuations. We help you to identify risks and secure your returns with hedging.

Currency hedging at a glance

Security by hedging

Returns and margins with focused protection

Risk analysis

With the help of experts and tools

Hedging instruments

Based on your risk tolerance

Currency losses? Not with us.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fix a favorable exchange rate before you make a payment? Find out now whether currency hedging is worthwhile for you.

Identify currency risks

Find out how you can identify and hedge your company’s currency risks early on with the help of our experts.

For more details about the Simulator, please contact your client advisor or arrange a consultation.

Hedge your currency risks

Find out how you can hedge your currency risks more flexibly and easily than ever before with the new Flexible FX Forward.

Currency hedging in a stormy environment

The Coronavirus causes great uncertainty. Learn from our experts what the current risks are and how you can hedge against them.

Get advice on currency hedging for your company

  • Advice from our seasoned experts
  • Simple digital solutions – also designed for SMEs
  • Access to an extended network of specialists