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Portrait of Jan Matthey

Jan Matthey

Corporate Clients Advisor, Lausanne

Currency risks are frequently underestimated by companies. As the world's leading currency company, UBS offers a comprehensive range of currency hedging solutions. I am delighted to put my experience at the service of our clients to develop tailor-made solutions to mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations on their business operations.

Currency hedging in a nutshell

Our solutions for foreign currency transactions

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This infographic shows an overview of our solutions for your foreign currency transactions. They have different hedge ratios (Y axis) and participation opportunities (X axis).

Low hedge ratio, high participation opportunity: Make payments in over 130 currencies directly from your account or carry out transactions using a foreign currency account. Buy or sell currencies in E-Banking via spots, forwards, swaps or limit orders with real-time price information.

High hedge ratio, low participation opportunity: The most popular solution is UBS Flexible FX Forward. Just like a standard forward, it allows you to fix the exchange rate in advance. However, it gives you more flexibility because you can withdraw partial amounts as and when you need them.

High hedge ratio, high participation opportunity: We enable professional investors to achieve the ideal mix of hedging and/or participation with tailor-made options.

Especially popular: Flexible FX Forward

Fix the exchange rate in advance for planning certainty and flexibility.

Fix your exchange rate today and get the currency you need when you need it – withdraw the nominal amount or only partial amounts.

How you benefit:

  • Fix the exchange rate in advance and enjoy planning certainty
  • Withdraw the nominal amount or only partial amounts
  • Suitable for buyers or sellers of currencies from CHF 100,000
  • No premium payment required

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