Everything to help ensure your real estate transactions are successful

Whether it is a purchase or sale, valuation or strategy, for the purpose of increasing value or to regulate succession – the specialists at UBS Real Estate Advisory can support you in all your real estate transactions.

The right solution for every challenge

Selling real estate

Whether you are buying individual properties, an entire real estate portfolio or a development project, whether direct sale or with leaseback – we will find the optimum solution for you. While doing this you will benefit from our unique network of investors, and from the know-how and decades-long experience of our interdisciplinary advisory team.

Buying real estate

Also when it comes to the purchase of properties or portfolios, you can rely on our advice. We support you with an independent valuation and a well-founded estimate based on reliable market data. In this way we can help you make sound and secure investment decisions.

Analyzing and evaluating real estate

How much is the property worth? Is the portfolio performing as well as it could? How marketable is the planned development? Our experts can assist you in making your strategic and operational decisions with our independent analyses and evaluations.

Developing real estate strategies and concepts

Investments in real estate are usually for the long term. All the more reason to make sure that the strategic decisions are based on strong foundations. We produce well-founded investment strategies for real estate investors, realistic business plans for properties and portfolios, alternative use concepts, and can assist you in the purchase and sale process.

Creating value

Where, when and how can you optimize the value of your property or your portfolio – and at what cost? Our specialists examine your real estate portfolio to find any latent potential for increasing its value, and show you, for example, what you can do to optimize revenues and costs. You can also sustainably increase the value through better diversification of your portfolio, investments and divestments.

Regulating succession for real estate companies

When regulating succession for real estate companies, there are many aspects that need to be considered which could have serious consequences – not least the aspect of taxation. The basic rule is: It is never too soon to regulate succession – but it soon becomes too late. You can benefit from our expertise and experience at every phase of the handover and we can assist you during individual steps or throughout the whole process.

Our advisory service – your advantages

  • Dedicated transaction team with decades of experience, and impressive references, offers a unique combination of real estate competence, corporate finance expertise and knowledge of the financial markets
  • A broad network of investors (national and international, private and institutional)
  • Strategy consultancy based on well-founded regional real estate know-how and robust market data

Our experts are there for you – we look forward to meeting you.