Investment / Pension

Our tailor-made solutions for surplus liquidity

Are you looking for ways to invest your surplus liquidity on a short- or medium-term basis? Or do you want to invest long term? Let our investment experts advise you. Together we’ll find a solution that’s optimally suited to your company's needs.

Our offering at glance

Short term investments

Get the flexibility you need while optimizing the returns.

Medium term investments

The right solution from a time horizon of a few months.

Long term investments

Strategic investments for your liquid funds.

Short and medium term solutions

Classic investment accounts

Get in contact with us for an individual solution that fits your needs.

Money market and fiduciary investments

From just a few months – we offer you suitable fixed term solutions.

Structured products

Structured products like UBS DOCU or BLOC offer many advantages and are excellently suited for creating customized investment solutions.

Investing long term and managing assets

Direct and collective investments

Strategic investments are suitable for liquid funds that you will not require for a year or more. Our range includes bonds, stocks, money market products, and alternative investments.

Asset management for companies and institutions

We offer attractive mandate solutions to companies with professional treasury operations. We would be happy to show you how to optimally implement your company's investment strategy using an asset management mandate.

Services for your securities

Custody account

The practical solution for the safe custody and efficient management of your securities, so you can concentrate fully on your investment transactions.

Asset servicing

We combine a broad range of services for infrastructure solutions and reporting. Our single-provider offering gives you a better overview and greater control over your investment assets.

Let us help you choose the best solution for your business

Each of our investment offers has specific advantages, conditions and risks. We would be happy to give you detailed information and help you to choose your best solution.

Occupational pensions (BVG) for companies

With our comprehensive offering and expert advice find the pension solution that best suits your company. We meet the requirements of pension funds, companies, and entrepreneurs alike.

Tips from our experts

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