Family Banking

Preserving family values over the generations

Talk to each other – today rather than tomorrow

The basis for handing down assets successfully is to ensure transparent, open communication within your family, to make early arrangements for succession planning, and to implement an appropriately structured investment strategy. Talk openly with family members so that you can implement your plans fairly. Verify the structure of your assets and opt for investment solutions that correspond to your goals.

Individual investment concept

Our investment concept Wealth Way links your current situation with your short- and long-term life goals.

Long-term financial planning

We manage your assets for the long-term based on your needs and goals.

Passing on property

Plan early on when and how you would like to divide up and pass on your property

Power attorney

Make sure that you and your assets will be well looked after if you are no longer able to manage for yourself.

Inheritance documents

Check that your documents reflect your current plans.

Fair division of assets

Protect your descendants against misunderstandings and disputes.