International payment transactions

Products and services for payments around the globe

Do you have clients abroad or would you like to make international payments? As a global bank, we can offer you a comprehensive range of international payment options.

All your options at a glance

UBS Gateway Account

One account for all your euro transactions: The UBS Gateway Account lets you manage your Europe-wide payment transactions from within Switzerland. lets you trade quickly and efficiently online. Within Europe, you can also protect yourself against payment defaults or apply for financing with just a few clicks.

SEPA Payments

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) allows international companies, including in Switzerland, to make euro payments more easily and cheaply. The payment methods offered by UBS are SEPA transfer and SEPA direct debit.

SEPA transfers

SEPA payment orders are a secure, fast and cheap way of sending euros to EU and EEA countries. UBS supports SEPA transfers via all standard electronic channels including, e.g., e-banking, KeyPort and Multimat.

SEPA direct debit system

A SEPA direct debit is an easy way to collect your euro receivables within the SEPA zone as well as a reliable and convenient way to pay invoices originating in the SEPA zone. We support both SEPA Core Direct Debits (B2C) and the SEPA B2B Direct Debit scheme.

Apply for SEPA direct debit

Fill out the form and send it to your client advisor. If you don’t have a client advisor yet, please make an appointment.

UBS Pay Worldwide

With UBS Pay Worldwide, you can make payments worldwide in more than 120 currencies. UBS is the only bank in Switzerland to offer such a comprehensive range of currencies.


With FX-EQUI, you can make payments from your CHF account directly in the local currency of the target country. We perform the currency conversion for you.

UBS Payment Tracking

Track your payments across multiple banks via E-Banking and find out in real time about the current status, charges and exchange rates.

SWIFT for corporates

The connection to SWIFT gives you direct access to other SWIFT participants across the globe.

Multibanking Services

With UBS Multibanking Services, we simplify your national and international payment transactions with different banks.

UBS KeyLink

With UBS KeyLink, we offer you an integrated finance platform, including modules for payment transactions, cash management and foreign exchange trading.

Accounts and cards for international business

Current accounts in foreign currency

You can use your current account for businesses to process all your company’s payment transactions. Available in CHF, EUR and all tradable foreign currencies.

Visa Corporate Card

The Visa Corporate Card is ideal for medium-sized and large companies. It simplifies travel and expense management, offers comprehensive insurance protection and is a reliable means of payment worldwide.