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Becoming climate aware

Mobilizing capital to help meet climate change goals: an investor's perspective. UBS launched a white paper on Monday 20 January for the WEF Annual meeting 2020 in Davos.

From hope to reality – can India deliver?

India’s growth story has become more about hope. Does India have keys to unlock this potential and deliver? We use our 4 Keys framework to look for answers.

China Solar Industry - UBS Evidence Lab inside

UBS Evidence Lab evidence echoes our view that China's addressable solar market exceeds 5,000GW, indicating a boost to long-term demand potential.

The Banker names UBS Team of the Month

China has been absent from the euro-denominated bond market for over a decade, and UBS announced its exit from the SSA bond business in 2012. This unlikely duo came together for a €4bn deal in November 2019. Edward Russell-Walling reports for The Banker. Subscription required.

Empowering women in the banking industry

Bethany Logan Ropa, Managing Director in Real Estate, Lodging & Leisure, spoke to American Builders Quarterly about her leadership at UBS and empowering women in the banking industry.

UBS Research is #1 in Institutional Investor Global Equity Research

Thank you for your continued support; UBS #1 in 2019 II Global Equity Research for the third year in a row.

How will widespread industrial IoT change the automation value chain?

21 UBS analysts explore the asymmetric impact of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) explosion across the automation value chain.

Future of supermarkets: Diving, surviving or thriving?

What will 'Supermarket 2.0' look like? We see a scenario where addressable markets rise >5x, EBIT multiples expand ~2pts and ROIC grows.

UBS Global Monetary Policy Outlook

Policy challenges, trade disputes and recession risks were only some of the key issues discussed during the Global Economic and Monetary Policy Outlook event held on 02 July 2019 in Zurich. Watch a recording of the live event and learn more.

Food of the Future II: What will the coming revolution mean for Global Chems & Machinery?

Food of the Future II: what will the coming revolutions in consumer diets (plant-based meat) and gene editing mean for chemicals and machinery stocks?

Energy storage: Are we at the tipping point?

By 2025, we expect energy storage cost to be under a third of what it is now, fuelling demand for renewables, batteries, and related materials and chemicals.

Future of Food I: Is Plant-Based Meat Poised to Rebalance Global Protein Consumption?

We estimate plant-based meat to post +30% CAGR. A UBS Evidence Lab survey of 3,000 consumers and restaurants, expert insights, and an interactive model drive our framework.

How do we unwrap the plastic problem?

Plastic pollution is front-page news; pressure on companies is growing. Twenty-two UBS analysts discuss investment implications from a potential decline in plastic use.

Is 5G ready for mass adoption?

04 October 2019

In 5 years we expect 5G to cover 50-60% of the population, reach 1.5bn mobile subscribers and provide 20x the speed of 4G. But what will it cost and which countries will lead in adoption?

Big banks and the bigtech, fintech & digibank incursion. What is at stake?

06 September 2019

Big banks are under siege from low rates, regulatory demands, fintech, newtech & maybe big tech. Here are our findings after a year of analyzing the long term and asking what is at stake.

Is global construction facing a synchronised slowdown? – a supply-chain analysis

Construction is slowing globally. Our in-depth, top-down and multi-industry review, using data from UBS Evidence Lab, helps navigate the new fundamental backdrop.

The AI arms race - Is data China's sleeping dragon?

At the 2019 Greater China Conference, we had a chance to speak with Dr. Kai Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and President of Sinovation Venture's Artificial Intelligence Institute to discuss the future of China’s growth in AI.

UBS and World Bank extend partnership

Announcing the introduction of groundbreaking notes to help finance sustainable development efforts.

UBS Evidence Lab

Access insight-ready datasets for 1000s of companies. Register your interest in a subscription.

The Future of Capital

What do the parts of a Tesla Model 3, and the way it's made, tell us about the future of a multi-billion dollar electronic vehicle industry tell us?

Is The Kitchen Dead?

Online food delivery is a mega-trend that looks set to grow tenfold over the next decade.

New leadership for Investment Bank

Piero Novelli and Robert Karofsky appointed Co-Presidents of the Investment Bank.

AI for Fixed Income

Giuseppe Nuti speaks to Trader TV on how UBS is employing machine learning to enhance bond trading for clients.

Our approach to financial research

Business Insider speak to us about how we are trying to change the face of financial research.

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