Sustainability at UBS

We partner with our clients to help them mobilize their capital toward a more sustainable world.

Our approach

Our ambition is to be the financial provider of choice for clients that wish to mobilize capital toward achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) and the orderly transition to a low-carbon economy. We are focusing on three key areas to achieve it: Planet, People and Partnerships.

Planet first

The shift to a lower-carbon future is a priority for UBS and a key focus of our sustainability strategy.​

Achieving the orderly transition to a low-carbon economy is highly ambitious. Nonetheless, we are committed to doing our part, which is why the shift to a lower-carbon future is a priority for UBS and a key focus of our sustainability strategy.

People matter

As a large, diverse and inclusive organization with a global presence, we want to use our influence to help people advance.​

We do this through our interactions with each other, the communities in which we operate and our wider stakeholders. We also believe this approach can support the creation of a diverse, equitable and inclusive society.

Partnerships bring it together

We partner with other thought leaders and standard setters to unite around common goals that can drive change at a global scale.​

It is our firm belief that by taking action, both on our own and in partnership with other large investors, standard setters, clients and peers, as well as with our communities and our employees, we can make a real impact on a global scale.

Embark on a sustainable journey with us

The Institute: where our insights come to life

The UBS Sustainability and Impact Institute was established in 2021 to offer best-in-class sustainability thought leadership and an expert forum to engage clients and standard setters in discussion.

It convenes a diverse group of leading voices to identify challenges and propose potential solutions, with the aim of catalyzing collective action and capital toward a more sustainable future.

Insights and experiences

Discover the latest research, guides, stories, and impactful projects from our world of social impact. Attend exclusive events, trips and networking opportunities with like-minded people and experts who share your passion for change. ​​

Philanthropy advice

Our experienced advisors are here to help you in creating a philanthropy strategy that aligns with your values and maximizes your positive impact. Whether you’re an individual, family, business or entrepreneur, we provide tailored advice to make your giving journey both fulfilling and effective.​

Execution solutions​

Our expert team is dedicated to turning your philanthropic aspirations into real-world solutions. From grant-making, blended finance, partnerships and impact assessment, we offer end-to-end solutions that ensure your resources create lasting change.​​​

Wealth Management

At UBS Wealth Management, we believe sustainability is relevant to how you manage your wealth. We'll get to know the issues close to your heart, so we can help you find good investments that fit with your values.

Investment Bank    

At UBS Investment Bank, we strive to be at the forefront of ESG and sustainability. Our advisors and analysts explain the key issues and help shape the discussions relevant to corporates and investors.

Asset Management

At UBS Asset Management, sustainability means thinking and acting with the long term in mind. It’s an integral part of our business, from the products, services and advice we offer, to the way we work and operate in society.

Swiss Business

At UBS in Switzerland, we offer a broad range of advisory services and products that enable you to have a sustainable impact, whether you're a private client, a start-up or an established company.

Decades of championing sustainability and social impact

UBS is not new to sustainability. For almost 70 years we have been supporting the communities we work in and developing sustainable solutions for our clients.

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    Beginnings of UBS Community Affairs at Wealth Management US​

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    First Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds​

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    Founding signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative

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    Established the Swiss TNFD national consultation group

Explore our insights

Insights from the Institute

The UBS Sustainability and Impact Institute provides our best thinking on the most important sustainability challenges facing the world, convenes a diverse group of leading voices to explore these problems and propose potential solutions, and in so doing seeks to catalyze collective action and capital toward a more sustainable future.

Bloom or bust

It is dawning on the global community that biodiversity loss requires just as swift action as climate change. The urgent need for a more holistic approach to confronting it is expressed in the Global Biodiversity Framework’s goal of reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. Achieving this goal demands bold action.

Natural allies

The codependence of biodiversity and climate means action on each needs to be strategically coordinated. Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) are a promising set of solutions which can reduce global carbon emissions and, in some instances, also reduce biodiversity loss. This report outlines the benefits of NCS, the barriers to scaling them, and key actions to overcome these barriers.

Decarbonization unleashed

Large-scale commercial adoption of innovative technologies is necessary to decarbonize emissions-intensive industries. Cross-supply chain collaboration plays a pivotal role in unlocking technological breakthroughs. What role can investors play in steering and promoting this phenomenon?

Explore sustainability insights from across UBS

Explore sustainability insights from across UBS

Four trends in blended finance that will drive impact in 2024 and beyond

In the past decade, blended finance has mobilized over USD 200 billion in capital toward sustainable development in developing countries. But what exactly is it and how can investors and philanthropists drive impact through catalytic capital in 2024? We asked our UBS philanthropy experts across the world for their thoughts on the year ahead.

Green premium

Our research finds clear evidence of a green premium in the two largest office building markets, New York and London, driven by tenant requirement and legislation. This highlights the importance to property owners of incorporating and considering the sustainability impacts of their buildings into their overall approach.

UBS Philanthropy Compass

The UBS Philanthropy Compass explains how we support our clients in maximizing their impact both through self-reflection and in conversation with our expert advisors.

Join an impact ecosystem

We believe that no one should work alone and that together with you we can build an impact ecosystem for positive change. We offer many opportunities to experience meaningful collaboration with others, expanding your network and amplifying your impact.

UBS Global Visionaries

Get introduced to and collaborate with the world’s leading social entrepreneurs from around the globe.

UBS Collectives

Engage with the best of our expertise and pool your resources with other clients on a two-year learning journey for greater impact.

Global Philanthropists Community

Our members only network connects you to other UHNW philanthropists and gives you access to exclusive events, insights and resources.

Faith in Philanthropy

Join a community exploring the intersection of faith and giving. Through shared human values you can support faith-based organizations together.

UBS Optimus Foundation

Our members only network connects you to other UHNW philanthropists and gives you access to exclusive events, insights and resources.