Retirement advice

The right way to plan for retirement for financial independence, even in old age

Starting to save for your retirement early on pays off

When thinking about your retirement, you’re faced with many important questions and decisions: pension or lump sum – which is better? Can I afford to retire early? We help you find answers – however complex your financial situation.

1 hour well spent

We analyze your pension and asset situation with you and draw up a plan for your retirement.

  • Understand: Tell us your goals for the future.
  • Analyze: See how your assets will grow over the long term.
  • Act: We help you draw up your retirement strategy – and implement it.

Questions we are frequently asked

In the video we answer the most frequently asked questions about retirement. Find out more about pensions and lump sum withdrawals, early retirement and saving taxes.

Save right for retirement in three steps

We analyze your situation, help you plan your retirement strategy, then draw up and implement a concrete plan of action together.

The most important retirement topics at a glance

Plan your retirement

Are you ready for retirement? Let us show you how.

Pension or lump sum?

Why not both? The right mixture often makes all the difference.

Save on taxes

Save on taxes with a well-planned retirement.

1e Collective Foundation

Joint retirement planning – individual strategy

Because a personal conversation is worth a lot

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