Financing opportunities for your company

Quick, uncomplicated and binding – we ensure that you can access your money and focus entirely on your business.

Business loans: for flexibility and liquidity

Business loans let you safeguard liquidity in the value creation phase between purchase and sale. You can also use them to pre-finance goods and offset seasonal fluctuations.

UBS Instant Business Credit

  • Calculate your possible credit line directly online.
  • In the event of a positive credit decision, we will send you the agreement within two working days.
  • Use the credit individually for the needs of your SME.

Fixed advance

  • Temporary additional liquidity reserve
  • Greater financial scope
  • Facilitates quick response to market opportunities

Investment loans: for growth and expansion

Whether you want to acquire new production facilities, modernize IT infrastructure or expand your vehicle fleet – investment loans lay the foundation.

Floating rate loans

  • Financing that is closely tied to the money market
  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Indefinite contract term
  • Automatic extension at no expense

Fixed-rate loans

  • Long-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Secure expenditure planning thanks to a fixed rate of interest
  • Option to fix the interest rate in advance

Additional information

Find suitable financing – together

  • Comprehensive advice from experienced Corporate Clients advisors
  • Digital solutions tailored to SMEs or large corporates
  • Access to and support from our global network of experts

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