Wealth Planning

Individual asset planning

Life changes – and so do your wishes and goals. We take this into account for your financial, tax, succession and retirement planning. We follow an integrated approach to consulting for ambitious investors throughout all of life’s changes.

Long-term financial planning

We manage your assets for the long-term based on your needs and goals.

Optimum successor preparation

We ensure that your assets are passed down to the next generation.

Wealth advice for women

We support women with impartial financial planning and help prepare for any changes.

Your life – our individual advice

  • Does your asset structure make sense in relation to your needs?
  • What is your situation regarding your income, expenditure and liabilities?
  • Is there any leeway for tax optimization?
  • Have you already thought about retirement planning, and how you’re affected by marital property and inheritance laws?
  • Are you planning a regular or early retirement?
  • What are the main questions regarding financial planning for women?
  • Learn more about thorough tax planning
  • Get a clear picture of requirements for sound financial planning
  • Learn more about business succession and inheritance
  • Get answers to questions about pensions and retirement planning
  • Invest your income taking your personal circumstances into account