What can I do if my card reader or Access Card is defective or blocked?

Please choose from the following topics so we can restore your access to Digital Banking as soon as possible.

If the battery of your card reader is dead, you can replace it with a commercial coin-cell battery (CR 2025). Ensure that that your card reader uses this specific type of battery, as some card readers still use other battery types.

If the card reader still doesn't work, you can order a new one.

If your Access Card Display shows the message ERROR-LEVEL-1 or BATTERY LOW, you’ll need a new Access Card and a new PIN.

If you forget the PIN for your Access Card, you'll need a new card. For security reasons, it isn't possible to unblock the Access Card.

If you have lost your Access Card or if it’s defective or blocked, you'll need a new card with a new PIN.

How to dispose of your device properly

Card reader, black

Disposal at official disposal points in Switzerland (e.g. electronics shops)

Card reader, gray/Access Key

Disposal at UBS branches or send back to the address below

Return address

CH-8098 Zurich