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Make your banking operations even more efficient

Our electronic channels help your company manage its payment transactions as well as your liquidity easily and securely, regardless of when or where.

Digital tools

If you're looking to manage your banking simply and securely via your browser, why not try UBS E-Banking, SME Business Software or UBS KeyLink?

Use E-Banking to settle and manage your payments, account transfers and standing orders. In addition, you can also access detailed account information. With the balance forecast and credit limit display, you’re always informed about your liquidity.

Your benefits

  • Overview of all changes to your UBS accounts in real time
  • Data transfer of payment files and downloading of BESR files
  • Low-cost SEPA payments to beneficiaries in roughly 30 countries
  • For payments, the order type with the best value is automatically displayed

Link your accounting software to E-Banking. This saves you time and effort you would normally have to spend manually reconciling outstanding receivables and incoming payments. You can also use the software to record and book supplier invoices. Simply approve the payment orders in E-Banking.

Your benefits

  • Automatic reconciliation of accounts and accounting
  • Convenient payment of invoices directly from the software
  • Secure approval of payments in E-Banking

You can link the following accounting solutions to E-Banking:

With UBS KeyLink, we offer you an integrated platform for payment transactions, cash management, forex trading and confirmations for foreign currency transactions, Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) and precious metal and securities transactions.

The modular platform design enables you to use only the KeyLink components that you really need. Thanks to KeyLink’s multibanking function, you can also take care of payment processing and reporting securely and conveniently for multiple accounts held at various financial institutions.

Your benefits

  • Access to all of your accounts held at a UBS branch or third-party bank
  • Internal processes are automated and simplified
  • One application for multiple requirements in the front and back office
  • Archiving of data and audit trail function

Access via external software solutions

Do you use your own software – such as an ERP system – and wish to link this to your payment services and cash management as part of an automated process? Take a look at our KeyPort and SWIFT for Corporates solutions.

With UBS KeyPort, you can manage your accounts with multiple banks electronically. It’s great for medium-sized and large companies that want to connect their internal software systems directly to UBS and other banks via the UBS Multibanking Service.

Your benefits

  • KeyPort supports EBICS (multi-bank communication and security standard for electronic data exchange between companies and banks).
  • For client software developed internally, EBICS communication can be integrated into the existing infrastructure.
  • KeyPort supports the use of companies’ own user administration within the financial application.
  • KeyPort supports the authorization of payments made via a mobile app, EBICS portal or other EBICS clients.

With Pay Together, UBS clients can have third parties process payment orders into their accounting software. The files are sent to us directly and securely via UBS KeyPort.

Benefits for those entering payments

  • Uses existing accounting software
  • Sends payment instructions directly to the E-Banking of UBS clients
  • Meets the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act

Benefits for UBS clients

  • Notifications when new payment instructions received
  • Checking and approval directly in E-Banking
  • The party entering the payment does not need access to E-Banking

The UBS SWIFT for Corporates service provides companies operating internationally with a secure, reliable and direct route to the financial industry. We support all access models offered by SWIFT such as SCORE, MA-CUG and TRCO, as well as the SWIFTNet FIN and SWIFTNet FileAct services.

Your benefits

  • Maximum reliability and security thanks to the SWIFTNet infrastructure
  • Global access to all SWIFT participants
  • One gateway for all messages and connected financial institutions
  • No need to maintain several systems thanks to standardized access
  • Optimized processing and enhanced STP (Straight-Through Processing) via universally recognized formats

Multibanking services

UBS Multibanking Services facilitate payment transactions both in Switzerland and abroad with various banks. You can take care of your payments though a single interface by linking your foreign bank accounts to your usual cash management application.


Digital bank documents

Our e-document service provides you with electronic bank documents in PDF format.

Software providers

Our software vendors offer solutions for a wide range of needs and applications. An overview of the main solutions:

These solutions act as an interface between existing ERP or financial accounting systems and UBS for the purpose of transmitting payment orders (individually or in files) to UBS and reports (BESR acknowledgments, credit or debit notifications, account statements) in the opposite direction. They can also be used to enter payment orders.

This encompasses systems illustrating all business transactions and operational planning, or, specifically, the financial accounts, as well as systems for managing liquidity or for the monitoring of financial liabilities and the efficient use of financial resources.

Digital bank documents enable UBS to provide electronic versions of the receipts and vouchers required for its business activities. These documents bear digital signatures and can, by means of the archive solutions listed, be archived in accordance with the VAT authorities' regulations, i.e., the Federal Department of Finance's ordinance of 30 January 2002 on electronic data and information (EIDI-V).

Please find here below QR scanner providers and there short product description. The following list is intended for information purposes only and does not represent an offer, solicitation or advice to buy or sell by UBS Switzerland AG. The vendors listed below are independent third parties. UBS Switzerland AG has no influence whatsoever over any of the vendors, products and product specifications or functions listed below. UBS Switzerland AG accordingly can neither promise, guarantee or otherwise ensure in any way that the information about vendors, products or product specifications and functions is complete, accurate or up-to-date. UBS Switzerland AG expressly and completely excludes all liability in connection with the vendors and products featured in this list and the use of said products. It is your own responsibility to select a suitable vendor and product for your purposes.

Crealogix PayEye

PayEye's large scanning area lets you scan orange payment slips (ESR) in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a single click to check Swiss QR codes and transfer them directly to the E-Banking portal or your financial software. Works via USB-C, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Further information can be found at

Crealogix GiroMat G400

The high-performance GiroMat G400 automatically scans orange payment slips (ESR) and the new Swiss QR codes. Efficient, ergonomic, silent and capable of scanning up to 15 slips per minute.

Further information can be found at

ELCODE Swiss QR Reader

The Swiss QR Reader has been specially designed to scan Swiss QR codes on the new QR invoice. It can be connected to a computer via a USB port. The data read in can then be processed further on a computer, without the need for any additional software.

Further information can be found at

Dative SwissReader SR-100QR

The SwissReader SR-100QR is precise, reads QR invoices at lightning speed and processes them immediately. It works smoothly without the need for any additional software, and the system's "SecureBankingMode" means that it always meets the high standards that apply for secure payment transactions.

Further information can be found at

We give customers an overview with detailed information about supported formats and channel offers. The documents are regularly updated. All information has been reported by the respective software partners. As a result, we cannot guarantee the correctness of the information.

In the “Overview Status of Software Products,” you can learn more about the implementation status of various software manufacturers. For more detailed information on supported formats and channel offerings of the individual software products, please refer to the “Detailed overview per software product”.

Advisory services – numerous possibilities

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  • Support implementing payment service solutions
  • Broad range of services tailored to corporate customers

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