Cash Pooling

Manage liquidity and cut back on costs

Cash pooling helps large companies better manage their own group’s liquidity. With it, you can optimize your interest income and borrowed capital needs.

Cash pooling at a glance

Reduce complexity

Central financial management with the pool leader

Cut back on costs

By optimizing interest rates and lowering your need for financing


Less manual effort required for daily cash management

Cash pooling at a glance

Physical cash pooling allows you to centralize your cash holdings across various companies throughout Switzerland. Account transfers are performed automatically between the accounts of the pool leader and the other pool participants. This is done using criteria that you set, such as the amount, target balance and periodicity.

We offer different types of cash pooling:

Cash transfer service

With the cash transfer service, you can manage your liquidity and make bookings between participating accounts. You can set target balances and execution dates individually and even combine the cash transfer service with interest rate solutions.

Zero balancing pooling

Physical cash pooling, with the goal of balancing pool participant accounts at zero (value-date balance) on a daily basis and physically concentrating all liquid funds into one account for each currency.

A notional cash pooling solution helps you optimize the interest income on your cash holdings across several accounts. This is achieved by pooling the different account balances together to form a netted pool position that accrues interest, without the need for a physical account transfer. As a result, a notional total balance is calculated for the pool leader based on the balances of all pool participant accounts.

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