Current account

The basis of your banking transactions

Current account at a glance

The business current account enables you to carry out all your payment transactions – including all company transactions and investments.

Account maintenance

Only CHF 20 per quarter. Account statement free of charge.


Access to your entire balance at all times.


Available in CHF, EUR and all tradable foreign currencies.

  • Inexpensive payment transactions
  • Electronic payment processing via E-Banking
  • Free quarterly closing balance
  • Also suitable for taking out a business loan and investments
  • Client service available by telephone
New interest rate

Up to 2 years free of charge for start-ups

Special offer for start-ups

Valid for new clients and companies in the start-up process. The offer includes:

  • a current account in CHF free of charge in the first year
  • a free of charge capital deposits account

Benefit from the free banking package in the second year when you take out an insurance from our partner Zurich.

Open your current account – it's easy

  1. Log in to E-Banking
  2. Click on “Products” and choose the current account
  3. Enter the desired currency

Combine accounts and cards in one banking package that’s tailored to your company’s requirements.