Connect your accounting system to UBS

UBS KeyPort is suitable for medium-sized and large companies that want to connect their accounting systems directly to UBS and other banks.

UBS KeyPort at a glance


EBICS standard-based data exchange


Automatic connection of existing finance systems


Communication with several banks possible

  • UBS KeyPort is based on the EBICS standard: Communication standard for electronic data exchange between companies and banks
  • Lets you manage your accounts at multiple banks electronically
  • Latest security standards through the use of encryption and electronic signatures

UBS KeyPort demo - videos

We explain to you the main functions in a few short video clips.

UBS KeyPort security plugin

The signature plugin is an extension for your browser that enables you to authenticate actions using a security medium.

UBS KeyPort Web (EBICS) requires the installation of a signature plugin.
Please be sure to correctly install and use the right signature plugin. The current signature plugin can be downloaded and installed via the links listed below (provided you have the necessary installations on your computer). Terminal infrastructure is not supported.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows version 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X version 10.6 or higher
  • Linux version Ubuntu 11 or higher

Supported browsers

Download security plugin

You can add this extension (signature plugin) directly to your browser using the installation files listed below.

More on payment transactions

Swiss payment transaction processes will be digitalized by 2020

To make it easier for you to switch to the standard ISO 20022 with UBS, we have compiled the most important documents, together with general information such as brochures, handbooks and fact sheets, as well as technical documents like the UBS Implementation Guidelines.

Our test platform will help you to validate and simulate your software for ISO 20022.