Growth Advisory

We are the financing partner for innovative Swiss start-ups and scale-ups

Are you looking for the right equity investors or a credit line in order to grow more quickly and sustainably as a business? We are the right partner to leverage your momentum.

Track record in the market

Track record in the market

We have supported over 40 Swiss growth companies, by finding the right investors for them or granting them credit financing

Years of experience

Long-standing experience

We are proud to have worked together with the most successful Swiss growth companies over the past years

Strong track record

Strong performance

We have supplied Swiss growth companies with over CHF 300 million in capital, both in form of growth credits and investor’s equity

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Comprehensive advice from experienced corporate client advisors and product specialists. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Success through partnership

Swiss start-up VIU Ventures AG is currently revolutionizing the eyewear market and, thanks to UBS, has found the right investors for its continued growth (in German).