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Are you founding an AG or a GmbH? If so, you’ll usually need occupational pension provision and accident insurance. Although daily sickness benefits insurance is not compulsory for companies, there is nevertheless a duty to continue to pay wages if an employee is absent due to illness.

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Occupational pension provision is necessary for employees who earn at least 21,330 Swiss francs per year. In addition, accident insurance is required for all employees whose salaries are subject to AHV contributions.

Depending on the profession, liability insurance is also compulsory – for example for lawyers. This protects against claims for damages due to consulting errors, for instance.

As an employer, you must pay your employees wages even if they are temporarily unable to work – for example due to illness. This can quickly mount up – take out daily sickness benefits insurance so that you don’t have to bear this financial burden yourself.

If third parties are harmed by your business, your company is liable with its total assets. Business liability insurance protects you against this.

Company buildings and equipment can also be covered by property insurance against fire, water, theft and other risks.

It depends on the type of insurance and other factors – such as company activity, number of employees and payroll.

If you have obtained several quotes, always study them carefully to see what risks they cover and up to what amount. This will allow you to find insurance coverage to suit your individual situation.

Basically you have to weigh up the following considerations: can the risk endanger my company? If so, get insurance coverage for it. Is the risk negligible for your industry or company? Then you can bear it yourself. You should also check how high the deductible is. These steps will help you get the most out of your premium.

In the end, what counts is that you feel like you are in good hands with your insurer. What are the service hours? How quickly do you get answers? Choose an insurer you can trust.

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