UBS Pay Worldwide

For your international payments

With UBS Pay Worldwide, you can process payments in more than 120 currencies. UBS is the only bank in Switzerland offering such a wide range of currencies.

UBS Pay Worldwide at a glance


Payments are processed by a single provider


The payment request is made directly in the target currency


A choice of over 120 currencies

  • Attractive exchange rates and consistent transaction prices
  • No additional integration of new systems required (low implementation cost)

How does UBS Pay Worldwide work?

  1. You manage a UBS current account in CHF, EUR, USD or GBP and send us a payment request in an exotic currency.
  2. We debit your account, convert the order currency into the target currency and forward the payment to the beneficiary bank.
  3. The latter credits the amount to the payee without further currency conversion or conversion loss.

Advice for your international business

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  • Access and assistance from our global network of experts

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What a customer has to say about UBS Pay Worldwide

UBS Pay Worldwide explained in brief

Available countries and currencies

With UBS Pay Worldwide you can make payments from Switzerland to the following countries.

Important: country-specific payment rules

Depending on the country, you may need to follow different requirements to execute payments. You’ll find all the information you need in our Currency Guide.

Are you a private client?

Find out more about foreign currency payments for private clients, benefit from attractive exchange rates and send money in over 120 currencies.