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Passing a company on to somebody new is no easy matter. Your company is ultimately far more than just the sum of your annual results. No matter whether you’re looking to arrange succession within the family, wanting to sell the company to employees or would rather make a sale to a third party – we can establish the right contacts and ensure a result that does justice to the commitment you’ve invested.

A strong track record

A strong track record

We've already helped with the sale of over 200 medium to large companies in Switzerland.

Global network

Global network

No detours: we connect you directly to the relevant decision makers.

UBS infrastructure

UBS infrastructure

Our mergers and acquisitions team of experts is there for you – in Switzerland and abroad.

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Here’s how we support you:

  • Active support throughout the entire sales process
  • Efficient handling of the transaction at competitive conditions
  • Support in obtaining permits and drafting the required sale documents

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How does a company sale work?

Selling a company is a complex process which offers many opportunities, but also carries risks. The typical process can be roughly divided into the following phases:


Selling a company is a complex transaction which depends on the size and type of company as well as how it is organized internally. 

It is therefore advisable to start the sales process as soon as possible and to prepare the company for the transaction (fit-to-sell measures):

  • Define a sales strategy
  • Have the company evaluated
  • Determine the price range for sales negotiations
  • Get expert advice

Contact potential buyers

Do you already have a potential buyer for your company? If not, the next step would be to get in contact with interested parties.

Finding a suitable buyer is often one of the most difficult challenges of the sales process. If needed, we can support you in finding the ideal buyer thanks to our extensive network – in Switzerland and worldwide. 

Due Diligence

As a rule, due diligence is time-consuming and involves the potential buyer evaluating the company.

The goal is for the buyer to be able to form a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of their potential purchase. This step forms the basis for the sale negotiations.  

Negotiation and completition phase

For the sale to be complete, the contract still needs to be signed and all necessary approval procedures need to be initiated.

As soon as all required documents have been signed and all necessary approvals have been acquired, we’ll be ready to finalize the sale. 

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