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We can support you with company acquisitions

Are you a business owner, or do you want to be? Then you’ll also know the feeling you get from being all fired up about an idea. Are you still looking for just such a venture that will awaken this feeling in you? Take advantage of our many years of expertise and our extensive network. We are your strong partner for company acquisitions.

Experience on the market

We’re good at what we do because we enjoy doing it. With more than 150 successful trades each year in Switzerland alone

Tailored advice

We accompany you step by step, even from a financing requirement of as little as CHF 250,000

Intermediary platform

No roundabout routes: we put you in direct contact with potential decision-makers

What interests you right now?

We can find the ideal financing strategy together with you and advise you on all aspects up until completion. Irrespective of whether you are taking on the company through succession within the family or whether you are buying it from a third party.

With links to more than 140,000 corporate clients, we are the largest bank for SMEs in Switzerland. That’s how we know which of these companies are looking for a succession solution and are able to provide you with potential business partners.

A rough distinction is made between four possible takeover options.

  • Succession within the family
  • Management buyouts (MBO): where a company’s existing management team acquires the company
  • Management buy-ins (MBI): where a new management team acquires a company
  • Leveraged buyouts (LBO): a company acquisition that is partially financed by debt capital

Good to know: Buyout financing is a popular form of funding if a buyer only wishes to invest their own financial funds to a limited extent.

With decades of experience and a far-reaching network, we are on hand to help at any time.

Since there are also more and more aspects to consider when acquiring a company – such as fiscal matters, wealth planning and legal aspects – thanks to our experts we are the ideal partner for everything you want to achieve in future.

Come and talk with us – it’s worth it

Comprehensive advice from experienced corporate client advisors and product specialists. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. We look forward to welcoming you.

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