Secure connection between accounting and bank account

bLink is the new central platform from SIX that allows you to automatically reconcile your UBS bank accounts with your online accounting software such as KLARA.

bLink at a glance


Link accounting and accounts in a few steps


Secure transfer of your financial data backed by the latest technology


You decide who can use your data and for what purpose

  • Enables automation of manual processes
  • Less time spent on administration, more time freed up for business
  • Free E-Banking service

Here’s how it works

  1. Log in to E-Banking and go to Products > SME Business Software. To do so, use the Access app or your Access Card. The Access Key is not supported.
  2. Select the accounting software you want to connect to the UBS bank account.
  3. Define the bank relationship and account for exchanging data.
  4. Confirm your selection and complete activation of the interface in your software.


You can link the following online accounting solutions to E-Banking via bLink:


Other providers of cloud-based business software are set to follow.

Note for users of bexio: You can link your business software to E-Banking via a direct connection.

bLink from SIX initially offers two services:

  • With the account information service, software providers have read access to bank account data. This means you can automatically reconcile your company’s accounting with the transactions on your bank account.
  • The payment service gives you the option to enter payment orders directly from the accounting software in order to approve them in E-Banking.

No. You enable access to your bank accounts only for a specific software provider of your choice. You can do this conveniently via E-Banking. You can also revoke the software provider’s access rights at any time. In any case, SIX merely acts as the infrastructure operator and has no access to your bank data.

To activate bLink, give us a call: 0848 848 064

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