Secure connection between accounting and bank account

bLink is the central platform from SIX that allows you to automatically reconcile your UBS bank accounts with your online accounting software such as KLARA.

bLink at a glance



Link accounting and accounts in a few steps



Secure transfer of your financial data backed by the latest technology



You decide who can use your data and for what purpose

  • Enables automation of manual processes
  • Less time spent on administration, more time for business
  • Free E-Banking service as part of your Digital Banking contract

Here’s how it works

  1. In your online accounting, click on Connect bank accounts (or similar wording).
  2. Select UBS as your bank.
  3. You will be redirected to a UBS web page. Identify yourself using your Digital Banking contract number.
  4. Confirm this in the Access App.
  5. Select your banking relationships and the associated accounts that you want to share with your accounting software.
  6. Benefit from the automated exchange of data and increased efficiency.


Not a UBS client yet?

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