Collect payments easily – TWINT for merchants and companies

With TWINT you can collect payments with or without a terminal as well as in your online shop.

Collecting payments without a terminal

You can now collect payments cashlessly without a payment terminal, including at self-service points of sale. Your customers simply use TWINT to scan the QR code sticker, and the amount is immediately credited to your account.

Fixed or freely selectable amounts?
Select the QR code sticker that best suits what you’re selling.

  • No need to come into contact with cash or a terminal
  • Instant confirmation of the transaction via SMS or email
  • Secure payments credited directly to your account
  • Fixed or freely selectable amounts

Register directly at and receive your QR Code stickers within 48 hours.

Collecting payments with a terminal

Would you like to offer TWINT as a payment option on your existing terminal? Customers can then simply scan the QR code from the card terminal with the TWINT App and pay.

You will find more information about activation at

Collecting payments in your online shop

TWINT offers customers a quick and easy solution in online shops. And they don’t have to enter their credit card details at the checkout.
Your advantages with TWINT:

  • You would be opening up your business to more than 2.3 million TWINT users and thus also to customers who do not have credit cards
  • Fewer payment cancellations and your account is credited instantly

You will find more information about activation at

TWINT for private clients

TWINT is the most popular payment app in Switzerland. With the app you can make contactless payments easily and securely.

  • Send and request money instantly
  • Pay faster in online shops
  • Pay at checkouts in stores, restaurants, etc. via QR code
  • Pay parking fees with TWINT instead of coins
  • Purchase your train ticket in the SBB App with TWINT