Quick, hassle-free and advantageous refinancing

With leasing, you can refinance your receivables from non-terminable rental or lease agreements for capital goods. The process is easy and quick, with future income from renting and leasing available to you today.

Refinancing at a glance


Additional liquidity


Less administration


Scope to reduce del credere risks


  • Amount: From CHF 100,000
  • Currency: CHF
  • Duration: From 24 months
  • Disbursement: UBS pays out the discounted value of the future rental or leasing installment; payment is made when the first rental or leasing installment falls due
  • Types of agreement: Refinancing of individual agreements (the creditworthiness of the end-customer of the rental or lease agreement is verified); refinancing of contract packages (the creditworthiness of the lessor is verified)

Reference rate

The leasing rate is based on the published UBS leasing reference rate plus margin. It is fixed when the contract is activated (i.e., when the first lease payment is due).

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