Pay Together

Digital straight-through payment processing

Pay Together allows UBS clients to have payment orders entered in their accounting software by third parties such as their accountants and the files sent directly to the client’s E-Banking.

The payment solution at a glance


Uses tried-and-tested software


Transmitted using secure channels

Legally compliant

Meets the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act

Here’s how it works

  • The accountant receives invoices and enters them in their accounting software.
  • The payment files are sent automatically to the company’s E-Banking via UBS KeyPort.
  • The authorized person receives a notification and can check and approve the invoices.

This is more efficient, quicker and meets anti-money laundering requirements.


  • The accountant needs a new UBS KeyPort agreement with limited rights. This is the case even when an existing UBS KeyPort agreement is already being used.
  • The client (principal) must confirm the accountant’s access to its accounts (for entering payment instructions and account reporting) via UBS KeyPort in a “power of attorney governing third-party items.”