Bank guarantee

Guarantee performance and payment

Does your business partner want collateral or perhaps you want to protect yourself against claims? With a bank guarantee, you can cover your performance and payment obligations.

The bank guarantee at a glance

Business advantage

Proof of your creditworthiness and ability to deliver, which is a good argument in negotiations

In Switzerland and worldwide

For commercial trading in Switzerland and around the world


Guaranteed coverage by the bank

  • The bank undertakes to pay a specified amount to the beneficiary if the contracting partner does not deliver an agreed service or payment.
  • UBS's strength as a guarantee bank makes you a welcome business partner.
  • For example, it's ideal for bids, signing contracts, advance payments and upon delivery.

Which bank guarantee is right for you?

This guarantee is used for both domestic and cross-border transactions. The guarantee is based on a contract between two business partners.

This type of guarantee is often used in cross-border transactions – especially when foreign government offices or state-owned enterprises are involved. Some countries also don’t accept foreign banks as guarantors due to statutory provisions.

Also known as “Standby LC,” this guarantee is mainly used in business with US contractual partners as well as in the Far East.

Used in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations and is mostly used in domestic transactions.

The so-called promise of payment is an irrevocable payment obligation, similar to a guarantee.

Bank guarantees in a nutshell

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Sample texts for downloading

Download sample texts for guarantees here.