SME support – coronavirus

You can count on UBS during these challenging times

In these difficult times, we continue to stand by you as a strong partner and to support you as usual with our services and products.

Liquidity planning

Liquidity planning

Careful liquidity planning helps you to make the best-possible decisions for your company, especially in uncertain times. We're happy to help.

Economic outlook for SMEs

Economic outlook for SMEs

Stay informed about the impact of coronavirus on the economy, labor market and fiscal policy.

Digital security tips

At the present time, besides the economic situation, your health and safety are also vitally important. Find tips and services here to help you protect yourself, your employees, your clients and your business.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking is just as secure as a visit to one of our branches – but much more convenient.

Payment methods

Safety and social distancing are crucial to staying healthy right now. That’s why you should enable your customers to pay cashless and contactless.

Payment methods

Cyber security

While digitalization makes a lot of things much easier and faster, it also increases risk for SMEs. Are you secure enough online to protect yourself and your company?


We are still there for you: by phone, email and for your banking transactions via UBS Digital Banking and at Multimats.