eBill payments

More efficient: receive and pay invoices digitally

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Use your time three times more efficiently with eBill: have your invoices delivered directly to Digital Banking, keep your liquidity under control, and make payments with just a few clicks.

At a glance: the benefits of eBill

Less effort

No need to type in or scan amounts, account or reference numbers

Better liquidity management

No automatic debits – no invoice is paid without your approval

Authenticity guaranteed

A digital signature cannot be faked and guarantees the sender’s authenticity

Do you like paying bills?

Not likely. The smaller the SME, the more important efficient administration becomes. When paying invoices, business owners still needlessly waste time entering payment information – time they could spend on more important and productive tasks.

That's why small companies in particular benefit from more efficient payment transactions. For example, from invoices that ideally pay themselves – well, almost. And this is exactly what eBill offers.

Be more efficient with eBill

eBill differs from conventional invoicing in three main ways:

  1. With eBill, instead of receiving invoices in your mailbox, you receive them where you actually pay them – in Digital Banking.
  2. Every eBill invoice contains a tamper-proof digital signature that guarantees its authenticity. This makes it more secure than invoices sent by post or email. An eBill invoice is only forwarded to your E-Banking once the eBill system has verified its signature.
  3. You do not need to digitalize eBill invoices to be able to store and pay them, because they are created and transferred digitally.

These three features will save you a lot of time and effort over the course of the year – time that you can use more profitably.

Save valuable time with eBill

Setting up eBill is almost as fast as paying with eBill. A brief guide

eBill invoicing with UBS Digital Invoicing

Regardless of whether you send 20 or 20,000 invoices a month: with UBS Digital Invoicing, you submit invoices directly from your accounting software to the e-banking and mobile banking of your clients who are signed up for eBill. It saves time, cuts costs and is good for the environment.