Corporate succession

Handing over your life’s work

The succession solution you choose shapes not only your own future but also that of your family and your company. That’s why it’s worth addressing the issue of corporate succession at an early stage. We are happy to assist you.

Key questions for entrepreneurs

The coronavirus crisis has changed the consumer behavior of many people. This may affect demand for your products and services. To avoid disruption to the value chain, you should think about adjusting distribution channels and review your supply chain.

You should also check to what extent the new market situation will influence your investment decisions and growth policy.

First, make sure that sufficient financial resources are available. In addition to the financial factor, emotional aspects also play a crucial role: are you prepared to relinquish control to ensure the continued existence of the company? We will gladly help you reach a decision and resolve all your questions.

It’s important to make all the necessary legal and financial preparations for a handover. Have a valuation of your company made and ask yourself which factors influence the value of your company.

You should also ensure that your company can continue to operate by appointing an operationally effective management team that can act independently.  

Individual sectors have been hit very differently by the coronavirus crisis, which is why no general conclusion can be drawn. In principle, however, the market environment for company sales remains very good. Low interest rates and a liquidity surplus among potential investors continue to facilitate company sales.

Individual solutions are needed, especially in times of crisis. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you keep sight of the bigger picture. Together with our teams of experts, we will be happy to assist you through the current situation.

Is my company well prepared for a handover?

Find out within minutes where you stand in terms of succession planning and which points you should pay particular attention to.

Who should take over?

There are various factors that determine which succession solution is right for you. Our decision tree will help you find out which options could be appropriate for your business.

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