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Individual pension provision in the 2nd pillar - More flexibility for your company and employees. Our modern solution for supplementary occupational pensions.

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Large companies

I work in a C-level position for a larger company

Individual solution. Experienced specialists. More control.

The UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation has many years of experience in the 1e field. Our 1e plans offer tailor-made solutions - from tailored investments to the risk insurance. Structured via institutional funds in our investment foundation, insured employees can invest in a wide range of investment solutions. If desired, insured employees can also benefit from our advice on investments, pensions, or financial planning.

If necessary, we will also be happy to support you in the implementation of your company’s independent 1e solution. We can offer you access to our investments and online platform.

What sets us apart

Complete flexibility: If necessary, we can offer you a customized 1e solution. From individual savings and risk benefits, tailormade investment solutions to customized risk insurers, you can create a solution according to your needs.

Transparency: The online portals provide you and your employees with a quick, simple overview of your 1e solution.

Accounting: Our 1e solution is classified as a "defined contribution plan". With accounting in accordance with IFRS or US GAAP, this can relieve your company’s balance sheet.


The UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation offers large companies eight tax-efficient investment strategies as standard:

CHF Short Term, Obligationen indexiert, BVG Aktien-25 ESG indexiert, BVG Aktien-15 indexiert, BVG Aktien-25 indexiert, BVG Aktien-40 indexiert, , BVG Aktien-60 indexiert, , BVG Aktien-80 indexiert

For larger companies, we offer a selection of around 300 active and 100 passive funds with which customized investment solutions can be put together within the framework of the BVV2 (economies of scale must be taken into account). Within a 1e plan, up to 10 investment strategies can then be selected for the insured employees.

For a proprietary 1e solution, we also support you in the composition of your ideal investment solution.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

I am a managing director/owner of a company.

Optimized pensions. Convenient set-up. All-round support.

With the 1e plans of the UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation, you can optimize your own pension and the attractiveness of your company. Our 1e plans can be set up according to your needs and your pension assets can be invested in one of our cost-efficient investment solutions. The investment can be adjusted to your personal situation. If you require assistance with this, the specialists at UBS will be happy to help.

What sets us apart

Efficient implementation: Our 1e solution takes into account that setting up a 1e plan must be well thought out. Our specialists are at your disposal regarding any pensions or investment related questions.

Personal investment strategy: You decide in which investment strategy your pension assets will be invested. Accordingly, you can adjust the risk appetite in your pension with your personal financial situation.

Transparent costs: We offer cost-efficient investment strategies with no hidden costs.


The UBS Optio 1e Collective Foundation offers six tax-efficient strategies within the Collective Affiliation as standard:

CHF Short Term, BVG Aktien-15 indexiert, BVG Aktien-25 indexiert, BVG Aktien-40 indexiert, BVG Aktien-60 indexiert, BVG Aktien-80 indexiert

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