UBS Gateway Account

Access to Europe-wide payment transactions

The UBS Gateway Account enables cross-border management of your company’s euro liquidity from within Switzerland, thus opening the gateway to Europe-wide payment transactions.

UBS Gateway Account at a glance

Rapid access

Fast access to your entire euro liquidity in Switzerland


Simplification of Europe-wide cash management


Simple, clear administration of your accounts

  • Manage your Gateway Account via E-Banking or UBS KeyPort
  • Transactions to Europe at beneficial inner-European conditions
  • Access from Switzerland to local payments in Germany
  • Some third-party banking relationships are no longer required; subsequent reduction of bank management costs and administration
  • Uniform reporting

How does UBS Gateway Account work?

We offer two accounts in euro: a Gateway Account with UBS Switzerland and a local account with UBS Germany.

Gateway Account in Switzerland

With the Gateway Account, you send payments in euro from Switzerland to European countries at the same cost as for inner-European payments.

Local account in Germany

With the UBS Gateway Account via UBS Europe SE, and in combination with SEPA, you can send payments Europe-wide. This solution is ideal if you centralize your euro portfolio in Switzerland and only want to manage one account for all your euro transactions.

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