All about the proven method of financing investment properties

Mortgages are a straightforward means of financing real estate secured by real estate lien. We’d be happy to advise you on the mortgage that best suits your needs.

The right mortgage for every need

Fixed-rate mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgage

With the UBS Fixed-rate mortgage we fix the capital, duration and interest rate on the long term. This makes calculating your costs easy. Fixed-rate mortgages are particularly worthwhile if you expect interest rates to rise.

Good to know:

  • Long-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Clear basis for calculation thanks to an interest rate that stays the same throughout the whole term
  • Option to fix the interest rate in advance
  • Amortization payments as set out in the loan agreement
SARON Mortgage

SARON Flex Mortgage

With the UBS SARON Flex Mortgage, you benefit from unlimited, flexible and market-oriented financing for your property with particularly attractive interest rates. It is suitable for commercial clients who actively follow events on the money and capital markets and do not expect interest rates to rise sharply.

Good to know:

  • Financing closely tied to the money market
  • Unlimited contract term
  • Attractive interest rates with short-term fluctuations
  • Possibility of switching to a UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Fixed advance

Fixed advance

A UBS Fixed Advance offers you a temporary additional liquidity reserve. The fixed advance expires at the end of the agreed term. Particularly interesting if you wish to increase your flexibility as an entrepreneur.

Good to know:

  • Short-duration fixed capital and/or interest commitment
  • Interest rates in line with money market developments
  • No notice of termination required; the fixed advance expires automatically

Floating rate loans

You benefit from transparent, market-oriented interest rates, as the UBS Floating Rate Loan is based on the development of the money market for the relevant currency. The loan has a short fixed capital and interest rate commitment, giving you greater flexibility in the way you use the product. Unless you object, the UBS Floating Rate Loan extends auto­matically and without additional input from you.

Good to know:

  • Financing that is closely tied to the money market
  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Indefinite contract term
  • Automatic extension at no expense

Our advisory service – Your advantages

  • A mortgage aligned with your interest rate expectations
  • The framework-lending agreement allows a flexible change of product
  • Impartial advice

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