Digital Invoicing

Let us take care of sending your invoices

Regardless of whether you send 20 or 20,000 invoices a month: with Digital Invoicing, you submit invoices directly from your accounting software to the e-banking and mobile banking of your clients who are signed up for eBill. It saves time, cuts costs and is good for the environment.

Your benefits at a glance


Submit invoices directly from your accounting software to the e-banking and mobile banking of your clients who have signed up for eBill


eBill invoices bear digital signatures and are securely delivered


With eBill LookUp you can reach more clients through eBill, thus saving paper, printing and mailing costs, and making a contribution to protecting the environment

Here's how it works

Our offering

Do you want to use your infrastructure more efficiently and send invoices from your accounting software as eBill invoices into the e-banking and mobile banking of your customer’s financial institution? UBS Digital Invoicing is geared to your requirements, needs and possibilities. 

Result: You save money, time and resources thanks to an optimized solution.

You can deliver your digital invoice in different formats via the UBS Digital Invoicing Port. UBS supports many common standards and formats already established in the Swiss market.

Result: You benefit from common standards or can choose your individual set-up.

Do you want a partner with whom you cannot only discuss software but also the future of your company? We will assist you with the invoicing process, so that you can focus on your company’s core competencies. UBS Digital Invoicing is therefore yet another way we can contribute to your company’s success and growth.

Result: better basis for your decisions thanks to neutral advice from a financial service provider.

Your benefits

Our eBill LookUp feature allows you to reach more clients through eBill. This is because in the e-banking and mobile banking of many financial institutions, your customers can have themselves activated for the automatic addition of billers in order to receive eBill invoices from more billers without further registration.

Result: You can now easily determine whether you could also send eBill invoices to additional customers using the eBill LookUp which is available to you as part of the UBS Digital Invoicing offering.

The process is completely digital: from issuing the invoice in your accounts receivable, the transmission processing of invoices, to displaying and releasing the invoice in your clients’ digital banking and notifying and reconciling the credits in your accounts receivable. 

Result: You reduce your administrative workload and save costs through automated accounts receivable processes.

eBill invoices are transmitted to your clients’ digital banking – including the defined due date. Your clients can check the individual invoices or approve them automatically with the standing approval.

Result: timely payment, fewer reminders, fewer bad debt losses.

Whether private or business clients – your clients register with their own email address to pay eBill invoices. Unlike people’s domicile, the eBill mailbox usually never changes. This means fewer undeliverable returns with eBill invoices.

Result: higher delivery rates, less times spent on address changes and fewer investigation requests for credits.

Advisory services – numerous possibilities

  • Comprehensive advice from experienced corporate clients advisors and product specialists
  • Support implementing payment service solutions
  • Broad range of services tailored to corporate customers

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