Energy-related renovations

Save costs while the environment profits – a win-win situation for your investment property

Whether solar panels or energy-efficient windows, there are many different types of energy-related renovations that always benefit both you and the environment. Discover the options and your potential long-term returns.

Benefits of energetic renovations

Increased property value

Renovations generally increase the market value of your property making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Lower maintenance costs

Renovations that increase the energy efficiency of your property lead to a reduction in energy consumption and thus lower costs for utilities.

Subsidies and tax advantages

Energetic renovations are often eligible for governmental and cantonal subsidies as well as tax deductions.

Types of energetic renovations


By modernizing your heading system, you can become independent of expensive energy sources.


Good insulation of walls, roofs, and cellars saves heating costs while also raising your property's market value.

Electricity production

Using renewable energy, for instancec through solar panels, can save money long-term while also protecting the environment.

Energy check for investment properties

How energy-efficient is your property? Our free energy check provides an initial indication of potential options for saving energy and costs.

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