Online Services for businesses E-banking and specialized services for businesses

Carry out your banking transactions efficiently and conveniently with UBS e-banking and the range of specialized Online Services for SME - wherever you are, around the clock.

E-banking solutions 

Carry out banking transactions efficiently

Benefit from a wide range of services, tailored to meet the needs of businesses:

  • Real-time overview of all transactions on your UBS accounts
  • Execute payments to recipients in Switzerland and abroad
  • Data transfer of payment files and downloading of BESR files
  • Connection to external software programs
E-banking solutions
Get transparent information about your liquidity

Get transparent information about your liquidity

Obtain a comprehensive overview of your current and future liquidity.

  • Balance forecast: gives you an instant picture of how expected cash flows will affect the balance of your accounts over the next 200 days.
  • Credit limits: displays your credit products, the associated limits, their use and the amounts still available

For businesses with credit limits, both functions are integrated into a general overview.

Manage e-banking users yourself

Take charge of user administration yourself in UBS e-banking – you can enter, edit, delete or replace the authorizations of your employees in the blink of an eye.

  • Transparent information about the authorizations of your e-banking users
  • More efficient e-banking administration
  • A simple process for entering and modifying authorizations
  • An easy way to comply with documentation requirements
Manage e-banking users yourself
Carry out your accounting effortlessly

Carry out your accounting effortlessly

The business software from bexio includes an interface to UBS e-banking and reduces your administrative workload. This means that you can focus fully on the activities that matter for your firm.

  • Automatic posting of invoices and payments
  • Automatic reconciliation of accounts and accounting
  • Available 24/7, very secure (automatic backups and updates)
  • Contact partner and hosting in Switzerland

Complete control over your expenses

Simplify your expense management thanks to the practical online portals for UBS Credit Cards.

  • Cards Online Portal: keep control over the purchases made with your company credit or prepaid cards at all times.
  • Commercial Cards Online Portal: access credit card transactions executed by your employees, check available main account and credit card limits, carry out evaluations as well as order additional services
Complete control over your expenses
Carry out your own currency transactions

Carry out your own currency transactions

Enjoy direct access to the world's foreign exchange market and respond flexibly to what happens on it.

  • Currency transactions available as "spot only" (value date today, tomorrow and spot) as well as "spot, forward and swap" transactions in the usually traded currencies.
  • Flexible processing of transactions at attractive conditions

Contact your client advisor for more information or to activate this service.

Process trade finance transactions electronically

The UBS Trade Finance Access service enables you to execute your trade finance transactions quickly and securely thanks to integrated electronic data transfer.

  • Flexible issuing and processing of orders for the entire range of trade finance products
  • Clear user guidance with access to templates and simple reuse of registered transactions and master data
  • Straightforward management of access authorizations and comprehensive reporting options

Contact your regional advisor at Trade & Export Finance to apply for the service now.

Other services

Process trade finance transactions electronically

Thanks to E-Commerce EASY, you can accept credit cards in your online shop. With E-Commerce EASY and E-Commerce EASY PLUS, we offer you simple, good-value, transparent payment solutions for your website (in association with SIX Payment Services).

The free UBS BESR e-list software for Windows users helps you to enter and manage invoices as part of accounts receivable management.

Enter and manage your payments offline with the free UBS Pay software for Windows users.

Mobile solutions

Carry out your banking transactions on the move

With UBS Mobile Banking, your bank is always with you.

  • Comprehensive overview of the balance of your accounts, including credits, debits and booking details
  • Easy payment input and execution thanks to the payment slip scanner and payment assistant
  • Approval of partially approved payments, payments entered via data transfer
    and e-bills
  • Notifications of defined account movements by SMS or e-mail

If you have an individual power of disposal for UBS e-banking, you can directly activate UBS Mobile Banking. Otherwise, before activating you will have to apply for the corresponding access authorization from your client advisor.

Carry out your banking transactions on the move

Allow cashless payments

Do you want to offer your clients a straightforward and convenient way
to pay by card? Then simply use your smartphone or tablet as a card payment system. No matter how large your business, the SumUp PIN+ card reader enables your clients to pay even the smallest amounts directly on the spot without cash.

All you need is:

  • the mobile SumUp PIN+ card terminal
  • a smartphone or tablet*
  • the corresponding app, that you can download free of charge from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.


Specialized Online Services

UBS Asset Wizard: transparency across your portfolio

UBS Asset Wizard: transparency across your portfolio

The UBS Asset Wizard lets you keep a constant overview of the investments and transactions of your asset managers. This allows you to assess and control your portfolio simply, quickly and efficiently. Two clicks is all it takes to get comprehensive and detailed insights into all your assets.

Your benefits with the UBS Asset Wizard

  • You have direct access to all the information you need and you can customize the overview pages to suit your needs.
  • You can directly compare the performance of all mandates, portfolios and asset categories.
  • In just a few clicks you can get detailed analyses that will enable you to take decisions with a long-term orientation.

Using this direct connection, independent asset managers can download up-to-date asset data and issue stock market orders at any time.

Your integrated solution for modern electronic banking: UBS KeyDirect offers you direct communication between your accounting or cash management application and UBS.

This innovative e-product, based on the international SWIFT standard, helps corporate clients do business at their convenience from any available PC.

KeyTrader takes you right into the trading room at UBS Investment Bank, so you can place orders directly on over 50 markets around the world from your PC, through your host or your own ordering system.

Direct access to e-documents via UBS KeyDirect or UBS AssetLink is suitable for clients with large output volumes who require an end-to-end solution.