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Efficiency via e-Tools for FIMs

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We have developed a comprehensive technology platform to support you in your day-to-day work. Benefit from easy access to live market data and fast, secure and reliable trade execution and sophisticated portfolio reporting options to help you save time. Find the right tool for your business.

UBS Connect

Connecting you with a range of free e-banking functions. Analyze client and custody account information, execute security orders, view order execution & status. Manage FX spot, forward and swap orders. Find almost everything you need to serve your clients’ evolving needs.

Trading directly online and saving time

Execute single and block orders, do FX transactions and receive and instruct Corporate Actions directly online.

Benefits to you:

  • Easily enter single orders for your clients at any time
  • With a block order, you buy or sell a certain number of securities for multiple clients at the same time
  • You receive flexible access to the foreign exchange market, with price information in real time
  • You receive corporate actions digitally and can make your choice for one or all your clients conveniently and quickly online

          Market data at your fingertips

          In today’s fast-paced world, you need to sort the news from noise to determine potential impacts on your clients’ portfolios. UBS Quotes keeps you up to date with latest market activity.

          Benefits to you:

          • Around the clock market activity from the world‘s major trading centers
          • Exclusive data and research on market developments
          • A constantly updated overview of stock exchange prices
          • Financial instruments grouped in virtual portfolios
          • Automatic notifications of maturity dates and limits

                    Minimize paper, maximize convenience

                    Easier storage, quicker communication and greater flexibility. Receive all your banking documents electronically via UBS Connect or UBS AssetLink. A great way to reduce cost, leverage digital data and save the environment.

                    Benefits to you:

                    • Choose which types of document you would like to access as digital bank documents and which as paper
                    • Access them through a range of E-Tools including UBS Connect, e-banking and UBS AssetLink
                    • Full compliance with statutory electronic archiving requirements

                        Reporting is key

                        Order and receive asset reports and statement of your clients directly online.

                        Benefits to you:

                        • Online client reporting functionalities including performance measurement so you can follow your client’s positions
                        • User-friendly reports to efficiently manage your client book on a daily basis (e.g., account balances, holdings, transactions or maturities)
                        • Easily order additional and periodic statement of assets for your clients

                            Additional E-Tools

                            Find the best option for you and learn more about our additional e-tools and services depending on your professional needs.

                            For highly sophisticated portfolio management

                            Efficient and professional portfolio management is a vital part of what you do. UBS AssetLink supports you by transmitting comprehensive transaction and position data electronically. Integrating directly into your portfolio management system for a secure and effective solution.

                            Benefits to you:

                            • Automated data feed into your own or third-party portfolio management system
                            • Expansion of data feed as needed to cover normal financial instruments as well as account transactions, exchange rates and client master data
                            • Secure transmission and archiving of a wide range of portfolio-related information
                            • Reduced operational costs and risks through highly automated, standardized processes

                                    Direct and quick trading access

                                    A standardized protocol to establish a direct connection for trade execution with your portfolio management system and UBS.

                                    Benefits to you:

                                    • The FIX interface enables you to directly place your trading orders via your PMS to our UBS trading platform. Via FIX you can trade securities products such as equities, bonds, funds and ETDs with single and block order
                                    • Fully scalable solution allowing to process a high number of transactions and big volumes

                                    Cut straight through the trade

                                    You are a sophisticated trader and want fast, professional order execution. KeyTrader provides exactly that. Linking you directly to the trading rooms at UBS. Giving you access to a wide range of trading and execution services and enabling you to pass orders directly to more than 70 global exchanges.

                                    Benefits to you:

                                    • 24/7 access to our electronic securities trading platform
                                    • Optimized time to market – both fast and secure
                                    • Obtain a detailed overview of your order book
                                    • Access to dedicated product specialists
                                    • Choose your preferred views of pending and executed orders as well as historical data
                                    • Ease your workload through the automated cross-asset, front-to-back solution

                                    For FIM & end-clients

                                    Secure and convenient online banking for you and your end-clients.

                                    How you and your end-clients can benefit:

                                    • Always see what's happening with your accounts and cards
                                    • Get automatic notification – of card transactions, for example
                                    • Access digital banking documents
                                    • Make payments conveniently at any time

                                    UBS Apps

                                    Download our free apps and access our Digital Banking at any time on your smartphone or tablet.

                                    Remote verification of client identity documents via Smart Phone app

                                    Simplifying and speeding up the process of verifying client and prospect identities via our remote video identification app. Your clients can now meet this requirement by conducting a short video call with the support of the UBS Welcome mobile app. Clients only need a smartphone, a good connection and their passport or ID to identify themselves.

                                    Benefits for your clients:

                                    • Generate authenticated ID copies by video call in only 10 minutes
                                    • Independent of location and available in 7 languages
                                    • Secure and easy with an encrypted and digital communication channel

                                        Your key to digital banking

                                        The easy way to log in securely: the app is your key to Digital Banking. Log in to Mobile Banking, e-banking and Connect with your PIN – no need for an Access Card or card reader.

                                        How you can benefit:

                                        • Secure login to e-banking on your smartphone
                                        • Access to all Mobile Banking functions
                                        • Highest UBS security standards

                                        Do your banking securely and conveniently with your smartphone

                                        All E-Banking functions in a single app. The UBS Mobile Banking app makes banking easy for you or your end-clients, even when you're on the go.

                                        How you and your end-clients can benefit:

                                        • Get automatic notifications of all account transactions
                                        • View and check all your transactions
                                        • Make payments on your smartphone or tablet
                                        • Scan deposit slips directly using the app
                                        • View and check all your credit card transactions
                                        • Block lost cards yourself via the app