UBS Loan Energy for investment properties and own-use commercial real estate

We reward your sustainability initiative

Do you want to make a building more energy-efficient, or build or buy one that uses less energy? We can help! Our UBS Loan Energy is a loan that’s specially designed for energy-efficient investment properties and own-use commercial real estate.


Attractive interest rates

There are financial benefits to taking out a UBS Loan Energy

Funding programs

Extensive funding programs for sustainable building and renovation are available in Switzerland. Our experts will be happy to advise you on topics including grants and certification.

Comprehensive product choice

You can take out a UBS Loan Energy in combination with a UBS Floating Rate Loan (including building loan), a SARON Flex Mortgage or a UBS Fixed Advance (including building loan).

More about the UBS Loan Energy

On solid ground with sustainable construction – our experts are here for you and look forward to discussing sustainable real estate with you