Our purpose

Reimagining the power of investing.
Connecting people for a better world.

Our purpose is our North Star. It guides us. It guides other people to us.
Everything we do starts with our purpose.

Our story

At UBS, we reimagine the power of people and investments to create a better world for all of us – a world that’s fair and sustainable.

Making connections is at the heart of what we do. Connecting people with each other. Connecting people with ideas that deliver results and drive progress and innovation. Connecting people with opportunities that change people’s lives and help to forge a more equal society.

From our Swiss roots to our global reach, and with 160 years of history, we know the true meaning of long-term commitment. We give the insight and advice to inspire, connect and empower people – to create better outcomes for today and future generations.

Some commitments

Our clients. Our communities. Our employees. Our company. Everyone benefits when it comes to actions that make the world a better place. And taking action is exactly how we make our purpose come to life. One example? Our Net Zero statement outlines how we’re building on more than two decades of sustainability leadership. Here are a few things we’ve committed to by 2025:


How much we’ll cut our own energy consumption

USD 1 billion

How much we’ll raise in donations to our client philanthropy foundations and funds

25 million

The number of beneficiaries that will be supported by these donations


The percentage of women we’ll have in our own organization at director level and above

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Sustainability and impact

Learn more about sustainability, impact and our net zero commitments.