ISO 20022 test platform

Data exchange with UBS 

The test platform shows you the UBS offer for Switzerland and Germany. Adaptations to the test platform in line with changing standards are made early on, leaving you enough time to test your system thoroughly before it actively begins exchanging messages with UBS.

Test your ISO messages and QR-bills

The UBS ISO 20022 test platform lets you check the compliance of client-to-bank ISO 20022 messages for Swiss Payment Standard and Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DK) with current standards and UBS allocation rules. You can also simulate the creation of messages generated by UBS – such as status reports and account information – or generate QR-bill payment sections to use as test data for your system.

Despite the test platform’s careful replication of UBS’s production environment, it does not reflect UBS’s full ISO 20022 behavior. Therefore, the test results do not guarantee the acceptance or processing of payment orders in the real UBS environment.

Check your payment slip in the QR portal

You can also check QR-bills including layouts directly on the QR portal under “Tools for invoicing parties.”