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Modern asset servicing made easier

As the assets under your control grow in value, so does complexity. How do you get a holistic overview of where you stand today? And how do you determine the right path forward? For more than twenty years, UBS Asset Servicing has been providing its clients with the platform and tools necessary to make safer, faster, better investment decisions.

Benefit from our experience and expertise

Access to our extensive market knowledge in 70+ markets.

Open architecture for easy partner integration of your asset managers, banks, and brokers.

Flexible, modular service package enabling customizable solutions for various post-trade services such as settlements, tax claims, and proxy voting.

State-of-the-art analytics tools, providing a single consolidated, always up-to-date overview of your entire portfolio. 

Experienced specialists who are happy to advise you comprehensively and from a single source. 

Tailor-made individual fund solutions from our dedicated Fund Competence Center.

Our locations

Access to an efficient global network

Institutional Access

Put your assets to work with access to global markets, digital solutions, and financial experts.  

We connect you to the markets you need, the technology you want and the people who know. With our flexible infrastructure and state-of-the-art tools, you can access a network of global markets as well as first-class post-trade services. 

Global custody

Our flexible infrastructure solution is based on the safe custody and efficient management of your assets. Sub-custodians within our global custodian network are selected using a best-in-class approach. We offer centralized and secure holding of all your assets, and we can save you time by handling administrative tasks.

  • Central and secure custody of all your assets
  • Full flexibility in the selection of your asset managers and brokers
  • Leave the administration to us

Custodian bank and investment fund act compliance

Ready to put your assets to work? We offer a comprehensive range of custodian bank services. Within the custodian bank, the fund control team further ensures regulatory adherence by the fund management company and the fund solution.

  • Safekeeping of your fund assets
  • Efficient handling of issuance and redemption of shares
  • Frequent & efficient controls using the most up-to-date tools
  • Professional and independent control framework
  • Compliant with CISA, FINMA, and auditors


Through our one bank approach, we provide you access to a holistic ecosystem. You benefit from our interdisciplinary collaboration with UBS Asset Management, UBS Investment Bank, UBS Fund Management company, and many more. We connect you with the right experts and support you along the way.

Securities lending

With UBS Securities Lending, you can increase the performance of your portfolio by generating additional income from your investments. We ensure full trading flexibility – securities within the program can be sold at any time.

  • Collateralized securities lending lets you steer quality of collateral
  • Dividends and coupons still credited to your account
  • Easily withdraw securities to exercise voting rights
  • Credit risk limited to UBS Switzerland AG only

Professional e-Trading (APAC)

In response to clients’ evolving needs to capture best execution in volatile markets, UBS Asset Servicing offers a full suite of electronic trading capabilities to provide top-tier electronic execution across global equities and fixed income centers around the world. You can now access a single front-end Execution Management System (EMS) / Order Management System (OMS) platform including Bloomberg and other vendor applications to trade via FIX with UBS, and better manage your trading strategies through the algorithmic trading methodology offered by UBS.

Private Label Fund Service

Private Label funds are sophisticated investment vehicles. They allow you to create and name your own fund, pool different types of assets, make investment portfolios more efficient, and benefit from combining capital pooling and fund investing. UBS offers bespoke solutions to institutional clients, family offices, fund and asset managers and supports you in launching and managing your fund with custody in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Singapore. 


Benefit from our fund competence center for bespoke third-party fund solutions, from structuring to launch, and throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Rely on our fund specialists to deliver solutions that fit your needs
  • Our integrated platform offers full flexibility in terms of structuring and managing your fund’s investments
  • Leverage the entire fund value chain with best-in-class custody, execution and management company services delivered by UBS
  • Open architecture to involve your preferred third-party providers
  • Fund controls in accordance with the statutory and supervisory mandate (CISA and FINMA regulations)


The world’s second largest fund center with decades of experience in fund administration, tax reporting, and cross-border distribution.

  • Efficient toolbox for investment pooling in corporate and/or fund structures
  • Full coverage and best in class execution of all asset classes (equities, bonds, derivatives, OTC products, hedge funds, precious metal, private equity, real estate)
  • Access to UBS Investment bank capabilities and UBS Asset Management expertise
  • Open guided platform: working with best-in-class service providers to satisfy client needs

Singapore & Hong Kong

Our integrated platform offers you all the flexibility you need to structure and manage your fund’s investments and take advantage of the entire fund value chain. Enjoy best-in-class custody, electronic trade execution along with risk and performance analytical services delivered by UBS. Whether you are looking for an offshore fund in the Cayman Islands or an onshore fund, we help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

  • Hong Kong Limited Partnership Funds (LPF)
  • Hong Kong Open-Ended Fund Company (OFC)
  • Singapore Variable Capital Company (VCC)


We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art tools to help you to optimize your workflows, whether when issuing order instructions, passing on information or monitoring and managing your investments.

Digital Insights

The analytics you need to see far and wide. 

Our platform provides you with the systems and information you need to enable better decision-making regarding performance, risk, cost, and sustainability.

Performance and risk analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your risk exposure and portfolio performance with our tailor-made analytics modules. You'll be able to gain real insights aligned with your goals and investment strategy, so you can make better, more targeted investment decisions. Take your insights to the next level with the UBS Asset Wizard, an intuitive web-based tool consolidating all your assets daily.

  • Access to the UBS Asset Wizard 
  • Full transparency across your entire portfolio
  • Assess the performance of your asset managers and investments
  • Customizable, consolidated reporting and analytics
  • Well-founded, holistic information 

Sustainability analytics

UBS Sustainability Analytics helps you link sustainable impact with financial returns in a fully transparent manner. Align your financial investments with your values and demonstrate your environmental, social, and governance responsibility by including sustainability criteria in your portfolio strategy.

  • Assess the carbon footprint of your portfolio
  • Daily online monitoring of critical business activities and sustainability ratings
  • Deep-dives, CIO insights, and tailored advice – all supported by your dedicated Asset Servicing expert

Total wealth

Spreading your eggs among many baskets makes it difficult to get a clear overview of your portfolio. Our holistic approach enables you to keep your assets at multiple banks, while enjoying a single, consolidated, detailed overview for analysis and reporting purposes. Further, with our multi-shore hubs in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Hong Kong we can provide global services to the most important and fast-growing locations.

  • Multi-Bank Reporting (for GWM clients): Monitor and manage your assets across all banks from anywhere – UBS and third parties
  • Proven, professional, highly transparent reporting
  • Non-traditional asset classes, direct investments, and non-bankable assets included
  • Access to our multi-shore booking centers with longstanding local expertise

Investment accounting

Our investment accounting meets the accounting requirements of Swiss law and applies standard accounting principles. But it also goes much further: At the core of our service, you'll find plenty of built-in automation, a wide range of standardized and customizable reports, and comprehensive support. We'll help you set up the service you need, and then we'll be happy to take on administrative tasks so you can stay focused on your goals.

  • Wide range of standardized and individual reports 
  • Audit-compliant investment accounting  
  • Easily integrate reports into your accounting system 
  • Investment accounting audits can be carried out at UBS 

Bespoke Services

A platform as agile as you.

Goals and strategies change. And our modular platform changes along with them. Whether off-the-shelf or completely customized, we have the right service infrastructure for you today and tomorrow. And as we evolve together, your relationship manager remains at your side, always connecting you with the right experts. 

Tax services

Taxes are complex and the stakes are always high. So let us take care of the administrative formalities while you stay focused on your goals. We offer a wide range of tax claims and tax reporting services.

  • Reclaim capital gains withholding taxes in 17 countries 
  • Relief at source – Reduce withholding tax at income payment in 12 countries 
  • Research tax relief potential in any additional countries
  • We keep track of your Swiss stamp duty
  • Tax reports prepared on request

Proxy voting

A more engaged investor is a better investor. Our customizable web portal enables you to exercise your voting rights online across your portfolio in over 50 markets. You can also stay up to date with individually adaptable watch lists, e-mail notifications, and status reports.

  • Online proxy voting in 50+ markets
  • Timely information on upcoming board meetings
  • Keep track of your voting behavior
  • Proxy voting process guidance for additional markets
  • Easily integrate external proxies into the web portal

Third-party FX via CLS

Execute transactions conveniently and securely through your chosen brokers via CLS settlement (SWIFT and UBS KeyLink also available).  

  • Independent governance and monitoring by CLS
  • High security with regards to processing and settlement risk
  • Free choice of counterparty
  • Possible for all CLS currencies
  • Automated integration into investment reporting
  • We facilitate an efficient collateral management setup

Investment governance

Planning, implementing, and monitoring investment processes is a challenge. We help you build up and optimize your investment governance framework, so you can make informed decisions faster and spot investment policy deviations sooner. Our solutions make your investment governance simpler, better, and more efficient.

  • Management tools for investment reporting and proxy voting 
  • Quick, clear holistic overview of your entire portfolio
  • Easy-to-understand audience-specific reports 
  • Wide range of thematic reports