UBS Asset Wizard

Full transparency across your entire portfolio.
With the UBS Asset Wizard, you can monitor, evaluate and control your portfolio – simply, quickly and efficiently. With just two clicks, you get a comprehensive and detailed insight into your portfolio.

At a glance

Strategic cockpit

Manage investment strategy, tactics, and risk management anytime, anywhere

Stay up to date

Check allocation, performance, and risks of your investments, make decisions faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably

One step ahead

Quickly assess performance across all your mandated asset managers or investment categories

Intuitive navigation

Get comprehensive and detailed insights into your assets in just two clicks

See what you need to see

Standard views for mandates, assets and investments – or customize your own

Enhanced Reporting Solutions

Asset Wizard basics

Mandate view

Compare your asset managers and portfolios simply and objectively. You also receive information on strategies, performance, key risk figures and costs.

Asset Category view

See the composition of your assets by various criteria, giving you a clear picture of the composition of your portfolio.

Investment view

A complete overview of all your assets including traditional asset classes, nonbankable assets, and across various locations.

Customizable views

You can also tailor reports to Board of Trustees, Investment Committee, and others.

Booklet reports

Create reports geared towards particular situations and topics whenever you like, tailored to your specific information needs of different situations.