UBS Asset Wizard

Full transparency across your entire portfolio

The UBS Asset Wizard lets you monitor, assess and control your portfolio – simply, quickly and efficiently. Two clicks is all it takes to get comprehensive and detailed insights into your assets.

The UBS Asset Wizard simplifies and facilitates your performance and risk analysis. You receive the very latest information, which allows you to directly assess the performance of your asset managers or investment categories, and react promptly to changes in the market.

In short: you now have a reliable basis on which to take decisions on your investment strategy, tactics and risk management. Time-consuming performance and risk analysis is a thing of the past. The UBS Asset Wizard does it all for you.

From overviews to details in just two clicks

Intuitive navigation takes you from the overview page to the section you want with just one click. One more click and you have a comprehensible overview of all the details.


For objective performance assessment

The Mandate View lets you compare your asset managers and portfolios simply and objectively. You also receive information on strategies, performance, key risk figures and costs.

Your benefits:

  • You can track your performance and potential risks.
  • You can see what contribution individual asset managers make to the overall results.
  • You have greater control over your asset managers and can monitor your mandates online.

Asset categories

Asset categories
For precise asset allocation

The Asset Category View lets you see the composition of your assets by various criteria, giving you a clear picture of the composition of your portfolio.

Your benefits:

  • You can see at a glance the allocation, performance and risks of your investments, and take decisions faster, more efficiently and with a longer-term orientation.
  • You have the option of analyzing your portfolio by specific investment categories or individual securities.
  • You can develop a better understanding of the performance and risks of individual asset classes.


For a full overview

The Investment View gives you a complete overview of all your assets including traditional asset classes, nonbankable assets, and across various locations.

Your benefits:

  • You can run investment analyses by standardized or individual criteria, helping you to allocate your assets.
  • You get information on performance attribution and contributions, allowing in-depth analysis of returns.
  • You see key figures such as Value at Risk, highlighting your sources of risk and helping you to reach decisions based on your risk/reward profile.

Booklet report

Booklet Report: adapted to your needs

The UBS Asset Wizard lets you create booklet reports geared towards particular situations and topics whenever you like. This additional feature enables you to create a wide range of booklet reports tailored to the specific information needs of different situations.

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