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And suddenly a huge tax bill arrives​

​Company founders often forget to make provision for their retirement. And fall into a tax trap. UBS tax expert Patrick Arnold provides some tips.

Even as a child I wanted my something to call my own

​Chantal Huber from Zurich has started her own business. A business plan allowed her to keep on top of everything, including her finances.

Success factors for growing start-ups​

​How do you successfully grow a start-up? Experts talk to Farmy founders Roman Hartmann and Tobias Schubert.

An SME with international suppliers that sells online​

​Roberta and Tobias Zingg made their dream come true with Stadtlandkind, the online shop for discerning young families.

How a Phantom camera turned a business around​

​Good ideas and a customer base gave Kamerawerk an ideal start. But they aren’t enough if the money’s not there.

A flexible business plan is the key to success​

​Scenario planning helps the founders of Urbanride avoid surprises and react flexibly to changes.

Where can I find money for my business idea?​

​UBS corporate client advisor Jolanda Schwager Büchel knows how start-ups can obtain capital and other forms of finance.

Making Swiss electric guitars for a living​

​Silvan Küng is making Switzerland a center for electric guitar construction. He explains how he manages pension and tax issues.