Cybersecurity for your SME

Detect risks at an early stage

How important is cybersecurity?

Most attacks are aimed at companies. Small companies are just as vulnerable as big companies. A cyberattack can lead to data loss, system failures or can even bring your business to a complete standstill.

of Swiss SMEs have already fallen victim to cyberattacks.

of Swiss SMEs rate the risk of being out of action one day due to a cyberattack as low.

of Swiss SMEs rate the continued function of their IT as very important.

Raise awareness of cyber risks

As shown by the figures, the impacts of cyberattacks remain strongly underestimated. UBS is therefore seeking to raise awareness about the topic of cybersecurity among Swiss SMEs, and offers links to simple, fast cybersecurity services from independent third-party providers.


Cybersecurity quick check from ICT Switzerland

This quick check enables your company to determine its general situation. It reveals whether you are implementing the most important technical, organizational and employee-related measures for a minimum level of protection.

Domain Cyber Check from Gryves

With the Domain Cyber Check, Gryves draws up your company’s digital footprint and summarizes your cyber risk situation in two categories. The results are based on algorithms and statistical analyses of publicly accessible data related to your domain, i.e. before your firewall. You only need a valid e-mail address and your company’s domain.

Preferential price: CHF 180 instead of CHF 250

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