Change to e-documents

Step 1:
Open "User Administration"

Open User Administration in e-banking via "Administration > User Administration" and click “User data and address".

Step 2:
Select authorized user

Select the desired authorized user and click on the tab "E-documents".

Step 3:
Adjust status for e-documents

Select the e-document status "Activated, inactive".

Step 4:
Initialing contract document

The status change for e-documents must now be confirmed before you can continue. A second administrator also must initial the adjusted arrangement for the authorized user.

Step 5:
Open extended access authorization

After it has been initialed, select the desired authorized user again under "Access authorizations" and click on "Extended".

Step 6:
Granting access

Click "Edit" and activate access to e-documents per banking relationship.

The following authorizations are possible:

  • Normal access only to documents from the respective banking relationship for which e-documents have been activated.
  • Unrestricted access to all documents from the respective banking relationship (also regarding excluded products) as well as to documents from other banking relationships via correspondence instructions.
    For additional information, see the "i" icon.

Click "Next" and then "Confirmation".

Step 7:
Initialing authorization

The changes have now been saved and must now be approved by a second administrator.

Step 8:
Authorized user changes correspondence instructions

After initialing, the authorized user must adjust the correspondence delivery to "Everything electronically" in e-banking under "Mailbox > Direct access > change delivery type for e-documents". Only then is the change to e-documents complete.

From now on, the authorized user will receive his bank documents in electronic format via e-banking.