Company foundation So that the foundation of your company becomes a success

Founding your own company in Switzerland involves a variety of business challenges. To name just a few: you have to find the right business idea and make it ready for market, satisfy all the legal and organizational requirements, raise capital, and choose the correct legal structure, such as sole proprietorship, GmbH, or AG.

How we can help you to set up your company

We will show you which aspects are most important, make tools and resources available to you, and offer you the key banking services for a successful start.

Phases of foundation

Important considerations when setting up a company

When developing your business idea and preparing to found your company, it’s vital to check off the following:

I know my product, my target group and the market

  • I know the needs of my target group
  • My products have an edge over those of my competitors
  • I know how many competitors I have, their market share, and what my market potential is
  • I have in-depth knowledge of the distribution channels I will use to reach my target group

I am following a plan

  • I have created a business plan and formulated a marketing concept
  • My financial plan takes account of costs for working capital, company foundation, and business equipment
  • I have considered possible exit scenarios and planned accordingly

I have started to implement my plan

  • I have secured financing and taken account of start-up losses
  • I have selected and registered the legal form of my company, as well as the company and product names


How we can support you with preparing to set up your company


Alternatives to setting up a company on your own

Why re-invent the wheel by setting up a new company? There are other ways of becoming your own boss. If you have sufficient capital of your own, the following alternatives may be of interest:

  • Become a franchisee and benefit from a functioning business model

Key considerations when founding your company

During the actual foundation phase, these are the main points to cover:

I have taken care of all legal matters

  • I have defined my corporate bodies and organizational structure
  • I have decided on the amount of capital and transferred my equity capital to an account for capital deposits
  • I have had my certificate of incorporation notarized and have been entered in the commercial register

I can meet all the requirements for the daily operation of my business

  • I have found suitable premises and set up my business infrastructure (furniture, IT equipment, machines, etc.)
  • I have put the basic banking services in place (accounts, credit card, etc.) to take care of my payment transactions
  • I have taken out all the necessary insurance
  • I know my current staffing requirements
  • I have developed potential marketing measures

How we can support you when you set up your company

Taking care of legal matters:

Transfer the capital deposit required by law to an Account for Capital Deposits. Once your company has been founded, the funds will be credited to your business account.

Managing day-to-day business:

We offer you all the services you need to make sure your payment transactions run smoothly and efficiently once your company has been set up, amongst others a

Key considerations after the foundation

The first few years after you set up your company are mainly about growth. You need to implement your business plan step-by-step, and achieve the goals you’ve set. Your central focus will be on acquiring clients through sales and marketing campaigns. You also have to keep an eye on your finances, to make sure you have the liquidity you need at all times.


How we can help you to develop your company

Borrowed capital:

Once you’ve set up your company, you have further opportunities to finance your growth. When you have regular cash flows and an established client base, you can make use of bank borrowing. For this phase, we can offer you alternative financing options such as leasing or factoring, alongside classic bank loans.

"Growth for SMEs" initiative:

With the "Growth for SMEs" initiative, we work with the Swiss Economic Forum to provide targeted support to young companies and SMEs for the implementation of their growth plans.


Helping young companies succeed – with our partner genisuisse

Our partner genisuisse offers innovative young companies coaching in their first three years by experienced businesspeople and managers, as well as support with setting their strategic direction and implementing activities.

Getting started

We offer you the required services so that you can meet all the requirements for the daily operation of your business during and after the company foundation.

Our offer for company founders

Are you setting up a new company? We have the ideal corporate account for you. And you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • cashless payments for your customers
  • digital accounting with Bexio
  • our outstanding UBS Mobile Banking App

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